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The Dubbman

That backup still had too many passing yards and i know we didn’t have a scout report on him but still. Smash the raiders please!!!


    And he was a rookie

    Flam Yo Diddle

    A lot of that was garbage time, we need more corners but our run defense improved so much, shoukd get better down the stretch

    Fly Away

    The chiefs defense is a work in progress they are not gonna be the BEARS defense in week 1.

    Just wait.


    Gardner Minshew was good! Instinctive, he showed poise and intelligence making the right pass most of the time. The jags played it conservative for Minshew tho you can tell….Chiefs fans need to be thankful that Foles went out, jaguars were about to go at those cornerbacks! They went at the best corner on the team in Kendall fuller and scored! At least the run defense showed up for the most part.

    C B

    He did lead all of FBS in passing yards last year… Just saying.

Curt Thacker

We freed up alot of cap space let’s get a damn number one corner for God’s sake.ok done ranting go chieeeefs


    Jalen Ramsey

Rasha Wiley

Let’s go chiefs


All the talking heads were all about how bad our defense still looks. Like dude….it’s an entire new system with like 3 guys from last year, and they played like they did on this drive? Those runs would have been 10 yard gashes last year. They’re not perfect, but they’re looking a hell of a lot better than last year. And as they play together and gel, it’s only gonna get better as the year goes on. As to the rookie QB thing, yea, sure, that didn’t look good. But, he had been playing the entire pre-season, so it’s not like dude just got off the couch. Fournette had 66 yards on the day. I’ll take that and give up some passing yard any day. Rushing is what keeps Pat on the sideline.
OH yea and that was Fournette’s first fumble since college.


The chiefs in my opinion should slow down the offense and kill the defense with death by a thousand cuts as they say. I also think they should focus on improving the red zone offense and play calls. I think the chiefs slowing the game down will not only help the defense out tremendously but it would show maturity in mahomes that he doesn’t need to launch the ball down the field all the time the offense can methodically take the ball down the field and score like how they did after the Damien Wilson forced fumble. Once the chiefs offense masters that style I don’t see how any team is stopping them.


    @Ben Struck  Ben Struck  I just feel like if the chiefs jump out to a big lead then that forces the other team to try and keep up and they usually do that by throwing and we know KC corner backs aren’t that good. You bring up a great point about the defense being able to learn from it’s mistakes but I think if you slow the game down and have 10-12 play scoring drives instead of 3-5 play scoring drives that gives the defense opportunity to make those adjustments during a game; on the fly, as oppose to fixing it for the next game. Its what I noticed all the great champions do no matter what sport, they can adjust on the fly.

    Ben Struck

    I hear ya that’d be nice! I think until we get a true #1 corner I don’t trust our defense in a tight game I keep having flash backs to the mile high comeback last year when case keenum missed a wide open reciever that would have sealed the game and that makes me nervous ha!


    @Ben Struck yeah no I feel you but in the playoffs the game is likely going to come down to the very end so you have to get your guys ready for those game winning situations. IMHO the chiefs have the potential to control the clock and still run up the score and the defense is going to improve as the season goes on which is scary to think. I do believe BV will get the chiefs a number 1 corner for that defense! And if not this year or even next year the chiefs will be the team to beat in the NFL during the mahomes era.

    Charles Aubuchon

    If the chiefs offense in on the field then the entire field is the red zone.

    I Am Fierce

    fwdfdfsa111133 yes, one of our biggest weaknesses is our poor clock management. This hurt us against the pats, albeit our defense did too


Corners still getting beat left and right in this defense. The pressure is gonna eventually get to the QB though. Most big plays by the Jags through the air were inches from not existing had the d-line had 1 more second to get to the QB.

    C B

    Maybe if the d line got pressure faster the CBs wouldn’t have to cover all day… Every team’s top CBs get burned each week! That’s the state of the NFL right now.. We’ll be fine.


    @C B It’s the corners themselves. They don’t possess what it takes to guard receivers. Teams game plan to get rid of the football before the pressure gets to them and all that does is put this heavy weight on the shoulders of whoever is covering the receivers. It puts them on an island and there are very few corners that can win on an island against receivers. Just ask Jalen Ramsey.



Drop Pop

Hmmm wow your play of the game is a no call on a horse collar that decided the game for you

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