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Jackson Shelby Reply

Lets go Chiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeffffffffffffffsssssssssss

Keller Schafer Reply



Love you guys be safe and God bless you guys!!!! Go Chiefs!!!!!

Don Bur Reply


    Don Bur Reply

    @David Taylor Let’s wrap

    Keaden Wheeler Reply

    @Don Bur yea I will be here too bro

    John Christiansen Reply

    If I said Detroit had a chance I’d be Lion… Mahomes bringin the whip!!!!

    Double D Reply

    @John Christiansen buahahahaha…

Clinton Baltazor Reply

NFL is 100% scripted! It is scripted by the numbers, learn the code and you will never be surprised. Also there is technology used in professional sports to rig the outcome.

    Donnie Couch Reply


    CJ S Reply

    Gematria. Wish I knew all about it.. I would be rich lol

    Deadlywarrior Warrior Reply

    Ok……… buddy

    Michael Andersen Reply

    So what

    Double D Reply

    And the government owns you and controls you. and the media triggers you into doing things. Your point. people are still gonna watch football. Your calling is pointless. find a new drug.

Fun Chiefs Reply

I’m hoping kelce breaks gronks record for tds, and get his yard record back

don pierce Reply

gotta teach hardman not to carry the ball like a loaf of bread, fumble waiting to happen, otherwise, great TD

    Nathan Keck Reply

    don pierce agreed, but he was in open field and he admitted he was only going about 80% (in his words, enough to make it to the end zone). So if he can run fast enough that no one can catch him (assuming no one is in front of him), I don’t have as big of a problem unless it becomes a habit that has negative effects on short passes.

    Double D Reply

    there was nobody even close to him. wtf is this comment even for? he has been fine. they will all fumble eventually.

    don pierce Reply

    @Double D i’m sure he got a “talking to” and possibly fined.

David B. Reply

That D-Rob TD came right toward the corner we were in. Mahomes threw it so early I initially thought he had thrown it away.

John Brown Reply


Victor Hardin Reply

Best fans in the entire world deserve a superbowl and guess what…. they are gonna get it… the pats reign is over. Its our time.

Lanzo Lanzo Reply

AND with the 10th pick 2017 nfl draft the KC CHIEFS took over the NFL for the next 25 to 30 years πŸ˜πŸ‘

G Solo Reply

The Baltimore coach was very unorthodox, he coached from a position of fear.
* He refused to punt and chose low percentage 4 down conversions, risky but effective there success rate was maybe 40%,
* They had luck on there side, three passes should have been intercepted but were not, yeah Chiefs D
* The 2 point conversions are rarely a good idea, coaches say you dont do them unless you need them…Chiefs D shut that option down everytime
* Lamar Jackson was great and looked like Michael Vick his portage, but as you know Vicks career was a candle that bunt twice as bright and half as long…I’m sure with Jackson all of that scrabbling and running around had him spent by the beginning of the forth quarter..Jackson is great and exciting
but to last in this league you must stay in the pocket unless forced out.
* The coach for Baltimore lost the game before it even started..he knew Mahomes was going to light it up, and thats what # 15 does. Theres many imitators in the NFL but there is only one Patrick Mahomes II. He doesnt need to be the next Michael Vick and run for 100+ yard for each game, as Lamar Jackson does..MP has shown great strength and mental ability to manipulate the pocket. He is poised and very aware of were the pressure is coming from…He uses his mind and legs and that cannon attached to his right shoulder to put fear into any coach or defensive back..Im very proud that #15 calls Kansas City Chiefs his home…Next week Detroit!

samson gersing Reply

CLARK IS AWESOME πŸ‘ & the Honey Badger is rocks

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