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Devan C

We won together

thatboy dre

Our team is a grindy team no matter who we play it’s a close game


    @BrownsFan1977 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

    Dude nobody wants you here, GTFO this ain’t facebook.

    Lord Jamar TBE

    @BrownsFan1977 how’d u like that games yesterday. Baker got benched 😂


    @Lord Jamar TBE Wow Baker got benched bc the game was over at that point idiot! Why leave QB in when the game is over and risk injury. Ravens fans are so dumb. Hahaha keep dreaming that LJ is your QB. Bc he sucks. Play a real team then get back to me. Oh and best the Browns this season. 88 yrd TD run! Hahahaha 40 – 18 score. Hahahaha

Tyler Matiu



    In the words of Hawk Harrelson, “HE GONE!”

    Jonnie Yanda

    Prayers up for him but he sucked. Cant cover cant tackle. Chuck clark cant be any worse.

Bodymore MDummy

People complaining but I’ll take an ugly win over any kind of loss …get well TJ Eric Berry on line 1 ??

    oakland traphouse

    I’d love to see eric berry

    Bodymore MDummy

    Elliott and Clark up next Eric Berry is a vet and very smart can’t judge nothing you haven’t seen yet


    The only kind of people who are content with an ugly win are people who settle for mediocrity..

    A bunch of yes men who are oversensitive to constructive criticism.

king shark

Ravens ….. wheeeeeeeeeeew.
Next man up.

    S C

    Lmao don’t worry we’re coming to shatter you soon on Nov 3 2019 #PATRIOTSFORLIFE!!!

    king shark

    @S C madden curse will catch Brady by then. 🤗☠

    S C


    king shark

    @S C .. lol ok, you save this somewhere and get back to me, brady gotta deal with his cover issue, and then brown came in and rubbed some of his cover issues on them.

    Brandy’s and mahomes cover will hit in time. We see brown cover issue hit right away.

    Brady done. Lol

Purple & Black

Love that from Mr Hump. “We had some ups, we had some downs, but we got it done in a tough environment.”


Where’s tucker’s game ball?

King Raven

Wasn’t pretty, but it was a win. We need help on defense. Hit the free agency market HARD.

Cj Welch

I love it boys!! Man this is ravens football , Idk what people don’t get!!! Both Super Bowl runs we won PLENTY games that weren’t pretty! Way to fight and get that huge road dub! Big game next week!

    Seth's Smorgasbord of Sports



    1-4 Steelers, 0-4 dolphins, 1-4 cardinals. Good job team in scrapping together some wins against terrible teams. You can’t beat a playoff caliber team and that showed vs the Chiefs and especially the Browns

    Matthew Palmer

    TheMeatFactory I don’t think the Browns are a playoff Caliber team. Prior to playing Baltimore they weren’t doing so well especially offensively. They might barely make the playoffs and if they do they’ll lose in the wildcard. I think the Ravens will win the division

    Seth's Smorgasbord of Sports

    The Browns are divisional –  they luck out and win one every once in awhile…..


    Seth’s Smorgasbord of Sports you barely beat a 3rd strong QB yesterday. Terrible

Steven White

We still gotta do better on both sides offensively and defensively


    Yes we do! But NFL is crazy man. It’s hard to get a win, it’s a week to week league and some people just don’t understand that. Colts just went into Arrowhead and stopped Mahomes and the Chiefs cold ❄ and came out with the W. Stuff like that happens every week! Way too early to tell what’s going to happen. I just hope Lamar stays healthy.

ThunderCloud 280

Tucker definitely deserved a game ball after that


    ThunderCloud 280 marlon is the only reason that tucker even got back on the field


    NANIGAMING CITY it’s just a Baltimore thing to give it the two injured players. Show them that you’re not gonna turn your back. I feel like that’s what makes the ravens a successful franchise, obviously great coaching is involved as well


    Tomlin got scared of Tucker. He mentioned him on his post game interview.

David Reed

Need ugly wins to keep ya humble. Also cant ever complain about beating the steelers no matter what


What about tucker

Neo White Tiger

As a Steelers fan, Good Game and congratulations on your win, prayers for your injured.

    Ken Saladin

    Appreciate it. Keeping Rudolph in our prayers…

    caleb thompson

    Prayers for ur QB sheesh

    Neo White Tiger

    Thanks both of you

    caleb thompson

    @Neo White Tiger that’s what the NFL family is for 👍

The Big Fudge

Love him or hate him at least Tony has the heart of a Raven


    The Big Fudge Absolutely. His time might be coming up with the ravens, but always good to have someone to keep the culture alive in Baltimore

    Kuya Rick Kelley

    Man I’ve been bitching about his playing but its like how when you are at a family reunion and your family all complains about each other… You want them to do better because you love them. Well I love TJ and so do the ravens locker room, he is a leader there. My heart is with him

King Berserk

We losing everyone to injury


    On the other hand DeCosta is currently shopping free agents.. Luckily for us we are on beat before the free agency deadline.


All of those horribly inaccurate passes don’t matter if you WIN. Flacco 1-4

Josh S

Very sad to see tj like that but every team has injuries we gotta keep the pressure up great win #ravensflock

Ross Martinez

I love my team. Stay strong Tony. ✊🏽

Hector Rodriguez

Lamar Jackson for 2019 NFL Offensive player of the year

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