Inside Cowboys Training Camp: Safety 1st & 2nd | Dallas Cowboys 2020 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Inside Cowboys Training Camp: Safety 1st & 2nd | Dallas Cowboys 2020

With Earl Thomas still a hot discussion, Brad and Mickey dive into the details to consider, along with the overall current Cowboys safety situation next to Xavier Woods. They also provide insight into the return of guard Connor Williams.

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Christiancowboy Reply

Brad & Mickey give us more information in a few minutes then all the other worthless cowboy guys put together!

John Cunningham Reply

We don’t need Earl Thomas

    Tommie Jenkins Reply

    We definitely need earl Thomas he’s better than any safety we have and most in the league period you got a chance to get that guy you go get him

Frye Daddy Reply

Let’s Goooooooo!!!☆☆☆Cowboys☆☆☆

Gary Davidson Reply

Conner good as new 😆 new wasn’t exactly the beast at guard we need it’s time to kick him out as swing tackle and let pancake conner take over

    Robert Ryan Reply

    Pancake is getting every opportunity to beat him out.

Trill Reply

I still think we need Earl. I would much rather have him back there than anyone of our guys.. But if not I am praying HAHA can take control and be a good cover safety. I am not a fan of Connor Williams even in practice he just got beat by Aldon Smith who hasn’t played in 5 years. If he is struggling like that than I’m very scared about him against Arron Donald for game 1 this year.

    Robert Ryan Reply

    They say he has given Tyron fits and has beaten him. Worry less about Connor and be excited about Aldon.

    Trill Reply

    Robert Ryan can’t be right now cause I’ve seen touch of Connor missing blocks…. I really hope he can hold his own

InTheZone Reply

1 QB away from greatness guys!

    Pauly Lee Reply

    I always say. We still need a QB, but I want Dalton to start then transition to Dinucci toward the back end of the season or next year

    johnmackelroy Reply

    You think we need 5 QB’s?

    Boss Cowboy Reply

    I wish we had 1 less trash fan like you

    Keith Thomas Reply

    @Pauly Lee really Dak had 5000 yards 30 tds for 2019 Wtf more you want cuz

    Demetrius Dupree Reply

    30 tds vs 10 INTs is horrible year for QB4 lmao 😂😂 …you guys are the true definition of FAKE NEWS

T O N Y D O R S E Y Reply

Connor Williams is the weak link in our offensive line..last year he was getting run over..We need a better guard…make him a swing tackle or trade him…

    wheelchair wentz Reply

    Yea trade 3 weeks before the season and get nothing

    Jesse Sherman Reply

    wheelchair wentz not true. Plenty of teams need o line help. For example. Rams, seahawks, Cardinals, Buccaneers, Jets, and so on …

    wheelchair wentz Reply

    @Jesse Sherman so why trade are best back up guard. We have 14 picks next draft they will build the depth then

Clint Redmon Reply

Not even a hard hit

John Crabtree Reply

Williams looking good as new thats not saying much since he sucks

Tommie Jenkins Reply

Sign earl Thomas

Zak Williams Reply

I think worley will make a pretty good safety obvioulsy can track the ball and is a decent hitter. Just gotta be willing to get in there and make a hit.

Zak Williams Reply

Whoa williams locked crawford up

George Hillary Reply

On another note, the running back room is loaded with so much more talent than I’ve ever witnessed before that I’m believing the running game will provide us with the impetus to go to levels we’ve only dreamed of in recent memory.

Demetrius Dupree Reply

Sheesh, my boy Dak don’t get no respect. He had a great year, despite Mr. 8-8 Jason Garrett.

Nate God Reply

Dallas has very deep team good coaching now wit championship experience, lookn like a 12-4 year

    Tamzombren Lauderdale Reply

    We’ll c !!

    Justin Johnson Reply

    Hopefully! We do have a tough schedule this season!

    Kareem Reply

    Not too fast, Jerry is still here too!

    Cowboys Franchise Reply

    Id say 10-6 maybe 11-5

    Tamzombren Lauderdale Reply

    You’re 💯 correct !!

Drizzling Reply

sign et

Alexander Gibson Reply

This work ×10000 better as a YouTube production than on Fox Sports southwest

Phew Reply

Easy fix. Bring Earl!

Sera Ashley Reply

i wonder if daltom is outplaying dak in camp

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