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David Cantu Reply

Let Mike White play with the starters and give him a real chance to see what he has…if he sucks then time to move on..kid needs a bit of confidence I think

Jeremy Ledbetter Reply

I really hope this is not a “unlucky” year for the Cowboys. It’s starting out that way

    Jonathan Reply

    I feel like that’s how it’s been since the late 90’s. Hot and cold.

    Chiludo_ 88X Reply

    Let’s not be negative now

    Antbeast23 Reply

    u know how it is one good yea than a bad year. inconsistent and can never build off of success. reflection on garret. Team is prime for super bowl run but i won’t get my hopes up. they should be ready to take the next step.

Esteban Mercado Reply

Even if we lose, and hopefully We WiN. Even if we Lose, and we get close . This year and Next one we get to the superbowl I would give Jason Garrett an extension of more 3yrs Dallas Cowboys 4Life

    Chiludo_ 88X Reply

    Hell to the nah for Jason

Big D & Dudley tv Reply


Jason Bradham Reply

Pay Zeke!!!!

    CEN CAL Reply


    Antbeast23 Reply

    @CEN CAL not really it’s the media that makes it a distraction. players are going along with their business.



Ivan Lopez Reply

Deebo Broke that mans ANKLES at 2:01 NINER EMPIRE mfz

Antbeast23 Reply

i know this if dak is hurt we are screwed. we need to be thankful for him cuz mike white and cooper rush would not be able to give us barely any touchdowns. you will see a lot of field goals and 3 and outs.

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