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Justin Quarles

Get to work Zeke!!!!!!!!!!!


Baron Samedi3000

He got no playing time. Rico gathers was the best TE on the team. Watch him go somewhere else and ball out

    Dak 4

    Baron Samedi3000 Rico didn’t get a lot of opportunities, but when he was out there he wasn’t that good. Also in training camp, Rico dropped a wide open pass that was intercepted. Also Rico definitely wasn’t better than Blake Jarwin

    Garrett Ferguson

    Rico burner account?


    Best TE on the team? He had a good physique, but was out for a whole year for a concussion. And out for a game for irresponsible actions. All he did was waste a roster spot. He just couldn’t beat rookie TEs from last year. He was on a short leash and got busted.

    Lava LifeGuard

    Best TE on the team??? Bwaaahahaha you’re a moron twice over


    Rico was nowhere near the best TE on the team the guy would literally trip over himself with no one touching him foh


you don’t need to cry for a new contract


Maybe Rico can go to pats and belicheat can fix his game


1:01 haha that’s Mike Thomas!? Walking with Cobb 💯😂😂💀💀

Gregory Williams

JG cannot develop players!!!!!!!!!!

cristian trevizo

113 to like.

cristian trevizo

5,279 viewer me.

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