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They all predicted CLE in week 1 as well, now they’re all picking IND in week 2 smh

    Dallas Cowboys Number One Fan

    Dellway Hellway In franchise history the colts has twice as many wins vs the titans then the titans have against the colts.


    @Dallas Cowboys Number One Fan your point? What does that have to do with sunday?

    Willie Hardiman

    @lwvyjb exactly. But Dallas fans love talking about the past so I’m not surprised. 😂😂😂


    They will never learn


    I hope they keep making the Titans mad. They should make the prediction like 77 to 0 so the Titans do the opposite.

LordDragul Smitty

So much disrespect


    @LordDragul Smitty Yea because Brissett had the same team last time he played them

    Calev badie

    @Chris Opthof no

    Calev badie

    @LordDragul Smitty i wasnt saying u werent going to win, just that u arent being disrespected. Its a close match

    LordDragul Smitty

    @Calev badie the disrespect is how everything goes we ever hear about is how the Browns messed up and not how the Titans forced many of the mistakes. The holdings were because the rush kept beating the linemen the personal fouls were because they got frustrated the turnovers because the pressure got to them and Byars and Logan had truly good individual efforts to intercept the ball

    Calev badie

    @LordDragul Smitty im not talking about the browns game tho. i know yall did good but i dont think yall are being disrespected in this particular video


They funny, the Titans at home with a healthy team should be a win for sure. Confidence is high for them and Indi just had a heart breaker loss which is not a confidence booster. This is just hilarious

    Willie Hardiman

    Titans are 20-4 at home so I don’t see them winning.

    Shae Sylva

    I love the confidence, but we need to prepare for them well. They should be 1-0 as well. I hate them but I respect them as well. Titans should be ready

    Willie Hardiman

    @Shae Sylva right, not underestimating them at all. Brissett is a respectable QB and they could steal one but for all the “experts” to pick the colts, that’s ridiculous.

    Pallah DaOracle

    @Willie Hardiman It is ONLY because it is the Titans that they aren’t picking the favored team.

    We are so disrespected.

    I would understand if Luck were playing. We are home coming off a huge win, we looked great, completely healthy. If I were paid to be an expert I’m picking the Titans easily.

    However, it would be a Titan thing to do, to lose this game when they retire Eddie George and Steve Mncairs jerseys.

    Willie Hardiman

    @Pallah DaOracle I feel you but i feel like the players would be mad at themselves if they lost THIS game. This game is too important.

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

Brissett had a 120.7 passer rating with Mack we got 174 yards and they still lost!

    Captain Grizzly


    Nicholas Spearman

    @Captain Grizzly still gotta prove their offense can score on Colts defense

    Evil Duck

    @Nicholas Spearman u mean that Colts defense that allowed 30 points against the Chargers with no Melvin Gordon Titans defense > Colts defense

    Nicholas Spearman

    @Evil Duck yea the same 1 that the titans couldn’t even put up 17 points on from last yr yes sir

sean richardson

no one picked the titans after that huge road win? I get it…Marcus isn’t great but still….they kicked the crap out of a “super bowl” contender in their house and get no love???

    NathanStoleCats YT

    sean richardson welcome to the life of a titans fan

    Nicholas Spearman

    And yall DID NOT beat a Superbowl contender bruh it’s first week…. COLTS Dub 27-17

    Captain Grizzly

    we have about a 20% winrate against indy over the last 15 years. manning is out, luck is out, but so is the jury. we beat them sunday and we wont be the underdogs the next game.

Mokele Mbembe

Why did I have feeling no one would pick the Titans?


    @Vonte Ross no, no one had the panthers going 3-13. No one had the panthers losing to a new unproven browns team. And no one has the panthers losing to a team that lost their main hope

    john teague

    @Vonte Ross Panthers got no chance newton injured

    Wyatt Schaefer

    Mokele Mbembe history lol. I won’t say anything but the past has shown that you don’t beat us. Good luck this week man.

    Chris Martinez

    Coz they never do…let the haterz keep doubting!

    George Harry

    Mokele Mbembe I need to go bet again if they’re underdogs

Cole Pratt

Titans heading into week 4 (3-0)


    @Dallas Cowboys Number One Fan Correction Andrew lock owns the titans



    Kronic Impulse

    JacketsNest101 since 2002 the Colts have won 26 games against TN and TN has only won 8 times so yes the Colts own the Titans

    Evil Duck

    @Kronic Impulse not sure if u know but this is in Tennessee which there 20-4 at home and there team is healthy


    @Evil Duck so I guess u guys were never healthy when u played luck, excuses smh

big man Y

They picking indy thank you mfs titan up you mfs had the browns how that turn out

    Colts fan4 Life

    lwvyjb Well see about that

    Wyatt Schaefer

    The browns aren’t a real team. They’ve got a QB 2 WRS a decent HB and nothing else.



    josiah gonzales

    @Mikiyas 17 salty huh?

    L G R W

    Colby Jones we literally sweptnyou in reg season the only year luck didn’t, play, you know damn well luck the only reason u guys had that winnin streak. Good luck tho on Sunday should be a good game I’m not taking the colts lightly like some these guys are, don’t listen to them jags still the joke of division. Well Until Foles comes Back at last

Nico M

No love for the titans.. at home big game retiring Steve and eddies # these boys will be ready to play


Good Division game, can go either way or the titans be proving everyone they be legit with another blowout win

Dylan Cannon

Tennessee has been great at home these past 2-3 seasons.

Tyler Miller

C’mon Titans let’s do this⚔️

Paula Gunn

Nfl biased again titans all day

ETroller 828

I like that no one picked us. Keep us under the radar.


Lmao if the titans were heading into week 12 (11-0) and had to play a 0-11 team you guys still wouldn’t pick the titans

    Victor Oladipo #indyismycity

    RSVP.Oscar it’s not like the titans should be overwhelming favorites lol


    Victor Oladipo #indyismycity never said that but we have home field and won last week by 30

    #Trivia Number1

    RSVP.Oscar, u won against the pats by 24 last year. What happened the following week?

    Convicted Mike Perry

    The point is you never go 11-0 because you can’t string together two good games. The Titans will be a losing franchise until they get a legit QB.

Mykah Filimaua

Bruh they’re jus salty we upset the browns🙄 they’re jus predictions just wait til we actually play #TITANUP

XX_Sauceboy brand

The disrespect towards the Titans continues

    Stan ezen

    Lmao it’s baffling because titans are a solid team

    XX_Sauceboy brand

    @Stan ezen They dont watch the Titans so they routinely undersell them and make up false claims (ex. Tannehill-Mariota qb battle) it’s just lazy

    Stan ezen

    Yeah. I watched the titans all last year and they were one game away from the playoffs and if they had a better O-line and defensive coordinator they’d be a 13-3, playoff threat. Their time will come I’m a falcons fan and ever since our 28-3 blowaway Super Bowl lead we’ve been disrespected. Our day will come as well

    Stan ezen

    Yeah. I watched the titans all last year and they were one game away from the playoffs and if they had a better O-line and defensive coordinator they’d be a 13-3, playoff threat. Their time will come I’m a falcons fan and ever since our 28-3 blowaway Super Bowl lead we’ve been disrespected. Our day will come as well

James Salley

Did you seriously put adam rank as someone that can predict a score. You might as well gone to the street and asked a random person what the score will be.

Zach Starling

Titans continue to be slept on… smh. Mariota and the titans gonna prove everybody wrong this year.

JC _

Of course they got the titans losing. Even though we are 2-0 against Jacoby Brissett😂🙄😤

    Kronic Impulse

    2-0 against him when the O-Line was the worst, little to no weapons on offense, no run game, horrible defense and a bad HC that’s not the case anymore js


    This big difference is Jacoby has a real team around him now. He played well last week and we have Marlon Mack.

    Jay Zbieszkowski

    0-11 against Luck💀💀

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