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Joshua Snare

Each like is a point for the chargers every comment is a point for the colts

    Fvck Nickers


    Fvck Nickers

    I’m a fat fagtard



    Jim Lorentz

    Go colts bois

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Mark my words. Jacoby Brissett is going to win player of the week with 292 yards, and 3 TDs

    ColtsFan4Life 35

    I hope you’re right. I believe in him too. He’s going to surprise people this year in a good way. The tools are there for him to succeed

    Luchi Louie

    Tastyquicksand – Daily NFL Videos bruh…


    #Trivia Number1 lol derwin james aint the only threat

    #Trivia Number1

    Ash, to the TEs, yes he is. Doyle and Ebron will be huge threats in this game.

Tastyquicksand - Daily NFL Videos

Chargers VS Colts AFC Championship

    #Trivia Number1

    jagsfanrick, lol jags fan😂😂😂😂

    David Houghton

    #Trivia Number1 colts trash 😂🤣🤣 duuuuuvaaaaaal

    Marcel Clady

    I’m a BUCCS fan too I’ve always said hardest division to win is AFC WEST NFC SOUTH. Anyone who say different prove it. Remember what teams was in the playoffs last season.

    Kronic Impulse

    David Houghton You have the audacity to say the Colts are trash while being a Jags fan? Haha get outta here 😂

Josue Tejada

I’m not saying the Colts will win this game but I really think Jacoby Brisett can get it done. Chargers are still without Gordon and Derwin James

    Shortest SB Champion QB

    They’re also missing their starting LT Russell Okung

    Legend__ 21

    @Huh What he’ll be back before playoffs

    James Nava

    Chargers dont need Gordon for this game. They have depth for running backs. Colts defense was 30th in the league last year. The colts loose this one.

    Legend__ 21

    We have Adrian Phillips who is an ELITE hybrid just like Derwin and we’re 4-0 without melvin…well be fine.

    Kronic Impulse

    James Nava Colts defense was ranked #11 overall, didn’t allow a single 100 yard rusher all year and had the #1 scoring defense in the second half of the season… do yourself a favor and research next time before you comment it’ll save you the embarrassment

Fumitsuki Nanakorobi

Chargers 30-24. The Colts will at least put up a fight. I wouldn’t be surprised if they pull an upset.

    Jon Davis

    Fumitsuki Nanakorobi
    YEA RIGHT (nate diaz)

Jared GOAT

The game we “WERE” all lowkey looking forward too

    Austin Madore

    Facts 😂


Chargers Oline is one of worst in football talent wise. Colts defense despite the completion % was top 3 in scoring defense the 2nd half of the season. I think this game will be close.


    Indiana Jones you do know rivers gotta play a whole game right just not one snap & Derek Carr has the fastest release time

    Indiana Jones

    btrigger123 lol

    Luchi Louie

    Kc destroyed colts o line, and LA got 2 elite pass rushers.

    Kronic Impulse

    Luchi Louie KC got the best of the Colts O-Line but that doesn’t mean LAC will each game is different

    Luchi Louie

    Kronic Impulse no doubt, different team different game. One reason why kc did so well was because indy couldn’t pick up stunts. Kc really exposed colts line.

Hunter Davis

Colts 27 chargers 20


He is no luck, but I have faith in him

Swag Kelly

I’m not saying the colts are gonna win but the fact some of you think they’re just going to get blown out shows you know nothing

Black Star

The reason for the 70% Completion percentage is because the Colts run a zone D that keeps everything infront so they don’t give up a big play. Colts D isn’t no slouch it ranked 12th overall and has improved this off-season.

    Victor Benavides

    Yeah, I noticed they left that key detail out too. More accurately, for the Chargers success, it’ll be up to them completing short, quick passes and up to the skill players to break tackles and make plays. It’s like the professionals don’t even know how to actually evaluate teams and interpret statistics.


    Playing zone against elite QBs like Rivers is suicide. He’s gonna attack the soft spots and turn the playmakers loose for YAC.

    Black Star

    LegendOfTheFall Colts Defensive Coordinator said Colts are going to mix between Man and Zone more this season. I was just quoting about last season.


The game to discover if Brisett can keep this Colts hype alive

Pablo Bando

Y’all forget to mention he was only with the colts for a week before starting … but now has been with the team and had the most snaps with the starters

Oscar Aguilar

Hoping Brissett shows the world what he can really do


Chargers Defense Gunna Win Us this Game ⚡️⚡️ but its still going to be close

Reggie Bowens

I just can’t wait till we win an the “ super bowl “ talk begins lol

Jake Leatherman

I drafted ty hilton on accident. What would be a fair trade for him


I wonder for years: But seriously, the Chargers could not find a better stadium as a replacement.

Miguel Morales

Will be a one score game both teams loaded with talent Chargers Oline is below average Colts are out of Luck.

ann Craig

Chargers Oline needs to Step Up. Colts win by 3 because the Oline Blocking was not good enough for Rivers good luck Bolts ⚡

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