In the Trenches 9/9: Key Takeaways from Win Over Jaguars, Eric Stonestreet Joins to Talk Randy Reid – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

In the Trenches 9/9: Key Takeaways from Win Over Jaguars, Eric Stonestreet Joins to Talk Randy Reid

Reporter and six-year veteran offensive lineman team up to bring you two unique perspectives in this weekly to talk all things . From life as a player to what's happening behind the scenes, and everything in between, this will give you something every week that you can't find anywhere else.

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Big E

Hey Go Chiefs

Dale Winston

The defense was trash af.

    Dale Winston

    @R Go how old are you twelve? Go find your father you fkn bum

    Robert South

    Better than last year

    Dale Winston

    @Robert South ummm no they were not. And they will not get better if you bucket head bums just play the fool to be cool.

    Robert South

    @Dale Winston ok any of us has any control…ummmmm…I wish I might be making more money. You could be rigbt…we will.see


I saw mahomes at HyVee


    Ben Struck oh yea

Cordell Jones

“How ’bout those Chief’s”?

Soul Fly

why do they talk like teenagers??? did someone snip and clip adults in Murica? no bass in their voice lmao , no generation gap making big business for corporate muirca!

    Steve Stevensteverson

    Voice doesn’t mean much. Look at Mike Tyson haha.

    Soul Fly

    @Steve Stevensteverson good point !

Robert Bird

Show looks great guys, I look forward to this every week

Robert Bird

BJ, you could put your mixing board on a small table under the desk, or a keyboard shelf, you wouldn’t have it in the shot and chords running across the desk. Or put the board off camera and run the chords under the desk

e b

I want to pull my hair out listening to these guys talk, There is no lesson to be learned because he tries a no-look pass what are you talking about??. These Athletes aren’t ROBOTS imagine fans having an issue because Lebron or some player trying Fancy Dunks/plays. Last I check these guys are into the ENTERTAINMENT Business. The last thing you want is your Star player not enjoying the game or coming to work because he is getting handcuff by some stuffy/ conservative Coach or someone. Just leave Mahomes ALONE let him play the game however he wants.

    John Carter

    At first I didn’t know where you were going with your comment, but I understand you now.
    Imagine Magic Johnson being bland like the ringless John Stockton.
    I’m not mad at PM15 for the no look missed TD in that moment. It’s one of the things which separates him from the status quo.

    Robert South

    Let patrick be myhommie he plays and has fun only a damn fool tries to take that away. Loved the no look attempt

Aaron Morrow

Where did he get the backstory idea of jetski salesman???

Kredd/DMcIntyre/Chiefs Fans

Great show

Dan D

Liked” like velociraptors attacking an electric fence”.

Mark Bradford

I wish they would quit talking about last year 50 touchdowns always saying he’s not going to do that again you don’t know. This win under our belts Chiefs Kingdom!! you know what time it is it’s Raider week!!

Robert South

The first 3 and out on defense set the precedent. 2nd defensive stop allowed offense go up 10 to 0. Defense should get maga credit. They got chopped up later but they didnt break and only allowed 1 big play

Soloman Jones

It’s great to have a show that talk’s only about our Chief’s. Truly enjoyed your show.

Terry Brunk

Why was Patrick taking shots? The blocking has to improve,not sure why the Doc is on the right side,It looks to me Fischer needs his help on the left,Mahomes blindside. We finally get the Doc back after missing most of the season last year and he’s not in the right spot my opinion that is.

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