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In the Trenches 9/2: Breaking Down 53-Man Roster, Storylines to Follow Heading into Jaguars’ Game

Chiefs Reporter BJ Kissel and six-year NFL veteran offensive lineman Nick Leckey team up to bring you two unique perspectives in this weekly podcast to talk all things Chiefs. From life as a player to what's happening behind the scenes, and everything in between, this podcast will give you something every week that you can't find anywhere else.

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Raylan 69 Reply


Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos Reply

Chiefs fans, are you going to destroy the Jags?

    Terry McBride Reply

    Ready to hear the Lamentation of their Women/DB’s

    Sean Kroenke Reply

    @Terry McBride aww yes a rare patriot fan creeping out of the massage parlor, while dusted with cocaine and marijuana, all while hoping the DA cant find any non crushed cell phones

    tim countryman Reply

    Gonna be a good game.. That defense is great. I hope the Chiefs defense can stop the run with fournete run.. And can keep Foles and Westbrook under control.. Gonna be a close game but chiefs will pull it out. Go Chiefs

    Ernest Crunkleton Reply

    We’re hanging 50 on them.

    kc 3182x Reply

    @John Smith rather played the Bucs than the Jags!

Kansasboy 007 Reply

Let’s go boys!

Mr Hazlett Reply

Darwin Thompson will be our #1 RB by middle or last part of the season. 😁

    kc 3182x Reply

    No he won’t, Shady is better and more familiar with the playbook!!

    Mr Hazlett Reply

    I love Shady and will always root for him but Thompson is taking that spot. You dont have to believe it. I do lol

    Harry Mills Reply

    Stranger things have happened. RBs can rise or fall at a moment’s notice. But I wouldn’t bet on this.

    Mr Hazlett Reply

    Shady and Williams both have injury histories so it may not be as far fetched as one would think. Williams only had the one injury that he had surgery on but he was also a career backup before he came to KC. When we drafted Thompson I said he would be our starter eventually and most fans told me I was crazy and that he probably wouldn’t make the team. Only time will tell lol

    Mr Hazlett Reply

    I admit with Shady coming in it definitely looks less likely but still could happen

Trent Jordan Reply

Ringo Starr

Zac Ewert Reply

Gotta get in T.O.T.S on Disney, BJ

Sharkboy 200 Reply

I’ll be at the Chiefs game against Jacksonville.

dillon kruckman Reply

It always pet your 3 legged dog day for me !

tim countryman Reply

Great video guys.. Love the info.. Thanks.. Can’t wait to get this season started..

Aaron Morrow Reply

I think Okafor is the most underrated move

    YoungATUM Reply

    Aaron Morrow Hey Aaron! I also was gonna say that, I bet he will be awesome opposite of Clark, maybe switch around whose next to him. Can’t wait to see it, should surprise some people.

    Aaron Morrow Reply

    @YoungATUM yes I think he may even lead the team in sacks with the other two pushing the QBs his way

chaja95 Reply

hey B.J. can you interview a person without using the word “just”? i think it may be impossible

Rasha Wiley Reply

Go chiefs

Robert Bird Reply

love the show guys, great to not see the mic stands blocking your logo. A tiny suggestion would be to move your seats camera left a bit so Nick isn’t covering part of your logo, it makes the camera look off center

DJ Thompson Reply

I’ll be at the home opener let’s go boysssss

Iraj Armstead Reply


Frog Farmer Reply

Thank you for the pod, we love it.

Frog Farmer Reply

pumped to hear the monday after pods

Dusten Doolen Reply

It was Ringo brother

Harry Mills Reply

I can’t believe they brought back Jeff Allen, but decided to only roll with 4 CBs. *smh*

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