In the Trenches 8/27: Breaking Down 49ers’ Game, Players to Watch, Key Roster Decisions Upcoming – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

In the Trenches 8/27: Breaking Down 49ers’ Game, Players to Watch, Key Roster Decisions Upcoming

Chiefs Reporter BJ Kissel and six-year NFL veteran offensive lineman Nick Leckey team up to bring you two unique perspectives in this weekly podcast to talk all things Chiefs. From life as a player to what's happening behind the scenes, and everything in between, this podcast will give you something every week that you can't find anywhere else.

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BJ’s mic volume is considerably lower than Nick’s. Just sayin..

    John Coy

    To me BJ doesn’t speak up enough and he backs away from the Mic. It’s on BJ

Evan Sims

I love the show extremely well done, very informative and good laughs throught out. Keep it going.

David Mena

Great job! Great insight! Love it keep it coming!


I like you both as knowledgeable FB guys. Isn’t this a webcast or vlog, I thought a podcast is audio-only? Lots of audio bass today; good for music, not voices. Maybe check the proximity effect of studio mics, also? Keep going. I’ll stay subbed!


    Here’s a pro tip: try making that “telephone call?” gesture with your dominant hand (thumb & baby finger)… that’s the mic backoff you want (5-6”), then speak like you’re a thespian on stage. (Proximity effect adds too much bass.)


    BJ: you already got it, pro media dude.

Terry McBride

With a fresh and healthy Leonard Fournette we will see right away if the run Defense has improved

Raylan 69


tim countryman

Great video!!! Love it thanks for everything.. Got a filling gonna be alot of moves at this giant cut down.

Curtis Douglas

Why are you back to those “Other Mics”?

Fanboy 3k

Every player that makes the roster is important not just the #1’s so I like watching the preseason games to see how the young guys and depth players are shaping up. That helps to inform you on what the team really has.

R Donner

As an actor, I can WHOLLY relate to the football aspect of making rosters. The audition process and trying to get on a cast list is just as devastating or exhilarating in my opinion.

Özgür Bircan

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Tav the beast 15

Who else just wants to go to the Broncos YT channel and just be like go chiefs

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