‘In Remembrance of Mr. B’ read by Larry Fitzgerald – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
loso j

RIP MR. Bidwell

Kemi Ndolo

Rest well




..nice job Larry

Blake Hanna

We love you Mr.B, you will be missed greatly


R.i.p MR.B πŸ™

Ajdin Delic

R.I.P we going to miss you Mr.B

Rodney White

Just thought I’d stop by as a fellow NFL fan. Bears. But still. Wanted to come over and pay my respects. Losing an owner of a team is never something anyone wants to go through. Our owner is on her last leg herself and someday this will be her so I wanted to say, out of respect for an owner of a fellow team under the same shield. RIP Bill.

    Chad Bbauchman

    Very cool of you! #respect

    Rodney White

    Chad Bbauchman no problem dude. Good luck to Kyler. Hope he pays off better than Rosen.

Joseph Parnes

RIP. Good job on the voice over Larry!

Victor Carrasco

Rip good owner while he was in charge

Zach Thornton


That dude Joe


Josh Knapp

Rest in peace..

Righteous Angel

RIP πŸ˜₯

AZsportsfan 11

RIP Mr. B it’s because of him that football came to my home state and changed my life.


RIP Mr. Bowtie. Lets get that dub this weekend for Bill. #GoCards

Brylight 36

RIP Bill, we’ll get this win next week for you. #RedSea

Kayleam Ransey

Panthers fan here guy seemed like an amazing person tho may he rip

Kyng_ Zae2

My condolences to his family

Chad Bbauchman

I love you, Mr. B! Thank you for taking the time to here me out in 2009 while at lunch with your son, Michael. The respect you have for us fans was truly felt that day. RIP!

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