‘I’m VERY low-key’ | Falcons Linebacker Deion Jones – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Demetreius chatman

It’s going be hell

blake wagner

Ricardo Deion Jones are the most underrated defensive players right now. They will come back better than ever.

Good Looking Honkey

Then play lights out. Because unfortunately we have a qb that’s not really a qb

    Stutter of the House

    Right, it’s not like Matt Ryan hasn’t statically been a top 3 QB in the since 2016. It’s not like the OLine sucks and can’t pass protect or it’s not like they can’t run the ball or anything like that 🤡

    Good Looking Honkey

    @Stutter of the House , agree. Ryan can’t do anything right.

DogManiyak G

We need you Sunday Debo Please show them why your a Top 5 MLB Family Riseup💯💪


Debo bout to take that next step… we gone bounce back this week and get a dub

chris rodgers

No more hype videos please let the winning do the talking

    Jake Pipe

    chris rodgers that’s what I’m talking about

ZukoDaPrince Channel


Country Boi Ross

Love this guy! Just wished he’d get n the weight room just a lil bit more!!!!

Joseph Mestas

Glad you’re doing your thang, but we need you to set the rest of our linebackers straight, they looked pretty sloppy last sunday.

Derrick Lawson

Low key he got that strength #riseup we ant done i

Mark Godbee

Deion Jones certainly has flashes of brilliance. I hope he has continued success and heals 100% from his unfortunate injury last season.

Jay K.

The best LB you never heard of

Ben Team

We’re so lucky to have Debo.

julius jones

Best 28-3 linebacker in the world

The 3 Prankskateers


I hate the devil

Falcons suck

Lingo Wop GBF

You were really low key when Cook put his left shoulder in your chest & you flew 4 yards .

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