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Sean Allen

Welcome to the home of the Jets!

Lee da Hitman

One of the best picks we have made in a LONG time

    Hesh Frydman

    Agreed. But I believe last years pick of Becton was more important. It showed that Joe D was serious about building from the inside out. Man says what he’s going to do and then does it. He manages the team like he’s been doing it all his life. Thanks to Ozzie Newsome.

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James Dunn

This kid is going to thrive next to Becton. Great pick!

Sam Boy

the best move Joe Douglas has made as GM. Turn your picks into perumim players.

    Chris Ciarcia

    Quality over Quantity. Can always trade back from 2 and recoup a 3. Joe D is the man.

    Wesley Walker

    @Chris Ciarcia that would make sense but I think they got a gift with JOK and Jenkins still there. I’d rather draft one of the two and try to get back to the mid third by giving up the 2nd pick in the forth and extra.

    Joe Campione

    The Jets have a total of 8 players on the team drafted by the previous GM the worst in football the two picks they traded mean nothing

    Hesh Frydman

    I think McCagnan and Gase went for the perumim picks. Joe D goes for the premium ones.
    (Sorry, I couldnt resist)

Am I Amish If I Don't Like Social Media

This man with Becton will keep Wilson safe and sound. They are two vicious maulers who put men on the turf!! LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR!!


AVT!!!! Let’s go!!!!

Isaac Santana

Yes great pick Joe still work on line upgrade joe On my way!

GSD Mickey29

That left side is looking good now hopefully Becton could stay healthy next to this kid.

Bones TheGOD

Who’s phone is that ringing?

Jacob Lugo

Love this guy! Trust the process!

Riley Samuel

I’m mad fucking disappointed my mans looks so coked out it’s obvious with his mouth twitches moving his tongue and his late sniffs

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