‘I didn’t do anything but work out and grind’: Von Miller details how he reshaped himself – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Zim Zum



Von Miller looking good.
Gonna be a QB Nightmare again this year.
🧡💙Go Broncos💙🧡


Haha look at von he look kinda different

    craze station

    Oh really what makes you say that lol


    @craze station his hair is orange


Von about to prove all the doubters wrong this year. With Chubb, Casey, and Shelby we gonna have one of the best d-lines in the NFL


    Don’t forget Mike Purcell.

michael kelley

Let’s get it vonster😤😤😤 im calling it 18 sacks dis season maybe 19 and all u haters out there idc what you think about my prediction…so forget all the salty fans we getting it

    Gucci 59

    We scary on both sides of the ball. The nfl better watch out this season😈😈

Clinton Reisig

Monster Defense

Vnds Diego

Bro von really onto somethin 💯

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