Hy-Vee Chiefs Insider: Week 3 vs. Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Joshua Campbell

#1 🔥🔥🔥

Joe Mama

I’ve said this 50 times, should be moved to prime time they’re missing out on such a obvious decision.

    Creepy Joe

    Meh..Ravens beat the dolphins….

    Joe Mama

    Why limit yourself like why make rules that only hurt you dumbasses

    A Moose

    @Creepy Joe ravens are a better team than 3 of the 4 teams in primetime games.

    rayism 24b

    @Joe Mama 2nd dumbest truth………….. #1 Earth is FLAT!!!

momma Rhonda

Chiefs put it on ’em!! ❤🏈❤🏈❤

Dwayne Carter

I said DeMarcus Robinson was a good athlete B4 the Raiders game we loaded for days glad the rebuild is over

Azazel the Fallen

For the love of God Pay Chris Jones.

    Keaden Wheeler

    @PLBS_ CROOK yea but its hard to get a DT who had 15.5 sacks

    denise bell

    PLBS_ CROOK not when your top 3 in the NFL your not !!!

    Michael D

    @denise bell Yeah but factor in that he’s only been gaining that stat since the year before his new contract. He’s gotta earn trust because of that. Otherwise his contract should be based off of his production. The only viable options for him right now are settling for less or being traded for high picks. I’d assume the ladder, firstly, because this KC team always prefer rookies because our draft team has done so well with picks and salary cap, and secondly, because Jones gets his advice from AB 😅. But I think we can at least keep him for the year with what he has because he knows this is a Superbowl caliper team.


    Thunder dude, do you remember dontari Poe

    Keaden Wheeler

    @PLBS_ CROOK do was good against the run and when we lost him we just struggle against the run

julian swimpson

” all we need is whats in this white and red today”….. The poet, Patrick Mahomes

Jay Hill

Chiefs Kingdom be safe driving to and home from the game and have a great time, CHEERS, I make sure I will drink one for each and everyone of you while I’m there—- Go Chiefs!!!!!!

    Sean S.

    Jay Hill you’ll die if you do that lol

    Keaden Wheeler

    @Sloppy Jo u sure about that buddy🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Aon Doe

Lol at 8:07 “be patient he sees all of you, just be patient.” Is Tyreek talking about god?? 😁


    I hope not.


    hes talkin about the coach, calling plays for them

    Black Screen

    @InfinitegamingKC I’m pretty sure he’s talking about Patrick.


    @Black Screen ya or that

    Aon Doe

    @InfinitegamingKC it’s possible. But it sounds like he’s talking about quarterback vision on the field.

Harry Mills

Much better sound reproduction to my ear on this video of Mathieu’s Mic’ed-Up. I can understand him, perfectly. “Championship Swagger.”

Ted Falcon

19:38 Will Shields pancakes Ray Lewis

denise bell

The badger gave me goosebumps in the huddle like if I was on the field man let’s go #Championshipswagger

    denise bell

    Sloppy Jo so what happened last year ? 😂😂😂

    denise bell

    Sloppy Jo it’s been two weeks 🤣🤣 and tbh if you watch the last game they gave up one big run which made the numbers spike up . But they don’t have the worse run D in the nfl
    😂 nice try though .

    Keaden Wheeler

    @Sloppy Jo lol u guys did but still lost how do that work🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Connie Dage

Isn’t it great that Brown is out of our way! It’s hard to get rid of Brady because of his high Priests Witch Wife!….. Lol but true!


Tell the boys to stay humble tomorrow..and you will end with a nice, very nice W at home!!!

Sean S.

That’s the best quarter I’ve seen by any qb ever since I was 7 years old and saw what Doug Williams did against the Broncos in the SB

A Moose

Ok we’re all chiefs fans here but that Hardman TD didn’t count.

    Keaden Wheeler

    Bc McCoy was holding

julian swimpson

Who TF is Chiefs qb1? You mean Patrick Mahomes?

The underscore One

Kermit is one darn good quarterback


When madden puts antonio brown in the pats jersey on instead of taking him out or with a free agent jersey on


Man im proud to say….


Javier Serrano

If that start of the video don’t get you hyped idk what will

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