Hy-Vee Chiefs Insider: Week 1 vs. Jaguars – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos Reply

Chiefs fans, are you going to destroy the Jags?

    RoyalsFan 4 Reply

    Tastyquicksand Sir yes SIR!

    Local Seed Reply

    …jus get a W by 1 or 20, who cares

    Salazar Payne Reply

    @The righteous ronnie-louster LoL!!! My Chiefs are literally destroying your team. It’s not even halfway through the first game of the season. I love it when keyboard Warriors like you spout off and get absolutely demolished. Care to retract your statement?

    Salazar Payne Reply

    @The righteous ronnie-louster – Sorry about your season bro 🙂

    Salazar Payne Reply

    @The righteous ronnie-louster Are you okay buddy? I’m a little worried about you. Do we need to send EMS?!!
    …thoughts and prayers

Frog Farmer Reply


Fun Chiefs Reply

Awesome let’s go CHIEFS

    CGCookie 29 Reply

    Not hopefully SB 54 champs, guaranteed SB 54 champs

    Fun Chiefs Reply

    @CGCookie 29 or sorry yeah well super bowl 54 screw the pats ain’t afraid of them

    CGCookie 29 Reply

    Hell yeah, Tom Brady who?

Jujutrono9 Unicorns vs Saturn Reply

go chiefs!!!

James Rowell Reply

I have missed this show a ton. Less than 24hrs to kickoff.

    Josh Rowell Reply

    There’s another Rowell that loves kc?!

    James Rowell Reply

    @Josh Rowell Lifelong fan, yes sir!

    big lea Reply

    Let’s get it

Andrew Lorei Reply

Let’s go boys!!!!!! #ChiefsKingdom

Aaron Reply

I’m not a chiefs fan but great job Andy Reid excellent job.

    R Go Reply

    Aaron come on over to the Kingdom

Adam Smith Reply

God I’m so freaking excited


That intro though 👌

Jake Reply

Dear Lord, hear our prayers.
We chiefs fans are desperate for a defense. The dark ones have acquired AB from the evil Raiders and now we are in dark days. We have finally a Hall of Fame quarterback and amazing weapons. Lord send us Cornerback

    Donovan Childress Reply

    And a 🏟

    Donovan Childress Reply

    Super bowl

    Alfonso S. Bowens Jr. - ASBJ Blog Network Reply

    20 years from now, it will be said that those who saw Tom Brady, saw greatness, many thought he might be the one, but low in KC there was born the true north star, and his name was Patrick Mahomes. And Showtime would show the world that Tom Brady was only really, John the Baptist. lol Go Chiefs!

    Ethan Proctor Reply


    Brady CallahanIrndqt Reply

    (every chiefs fan holds hands) Amen

KCFire Reply


    Brady CallahanIrndqt Reply


    Edwin J Baker Reply

    HELL YEAH!!!

JacobSteeleASL Reply

Couldn’t be more stoked to see Pat go out and show why he is the best quarterback in football. Period.

eric siggins Reply

I can’t wait till tomorrow lets go chiefs

Swae Slime Reply

As a cowboy fan I gotta say u guys are our only hope as the scheming, conniving, ab clowning new england patriots have acquired the diva himself making the team as dangerous as ever please put a end to the bs make football great again thank u

    Ethan Proctor Reply

    Yes brady needs gone

    terry sperman Reply

    It doesn’t matter who you play when you are the best! Brady has lost a step or two, with the lowest scoring Super Bowl in the super Bowl era under his belt from last season. Remember Brady barely beat the Chiefs 31st ranked defense and Mahomes was going against a Bill Belichick defense. No team puts up points on the Patriots like the Chiefs. Go Chiefs!

GrizzlyBearNation Reply

Super pumped for the new season. But after last year, I’m not getting my super bowl hopes up quite yet. Still praying for a miracle (or Frank Clark breaking Brady’s legs in December)

King EZ Reply

Pats and the rest of the league want to stack the deck as high as they can against us. No matter what Chiefs Kingdom gonna get that ring this year! Chop Em’ Up!!!

Ace Of Spades Reply

That intro was so badass, especially that shot of everyone comin out into the field at 0:39

RamblinroseDigger Winton Reply

So good too see you back Mitch! Its gonna be a good season! GO CHIEFS!

Nova Jackson SR Reply

It’s “PM” (Patrick Mahomes) TIME!! Put them to sleep Chiefs!!!

ScubaStevo99 Reply

The production value on this is amazing. Top notch Chiefs

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