Hunter Renfrow Mic’d Up at 2020 Training Camp: “Gotta Make It a Great Day” | Las Vegas Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Justin Lopez Reply

Prayers for Tyrell Williams 🙏🏼

    Kirby on the mic Reply

    @vernac86 dez washed up I dont think he have the skill in him

    vernac86 Reply

    @Kirby on the mic good for depth we will have two starting rookie receivers and a second year player at receiver (renfrow), he could be good for experience.

    Johnathon Tehada valles Reply


    Lew Sifer Reply

    @Bad Cornflakes we? You don’t play for the Raiders. Bandwagon.

    Dinora Pimentel Reply


Grahamx2 Reply


    Jesse Lopez Reply

    Haha that’s what I’m waitin on 😂

    malfieri760 Reply

    I need that Sal-mon in my life

Help me reach 5,000 subs with just two videos Reply

Seems like a pretty genuine guy

    Junior Manzo Reply

    Class act!

Benzo_ Foe Reply

Make them longer

    Diego Lopez Reply

    That’s what she said

Elpoloespi Reply

Bruhhh This dude looks like a grown up version of Charlie from Charlie and the chocolate factory, he still gonna get the first down though

    Sergio Galindo Reply

    That’s an INSULT to Hunter!


    jimbosjams21 Reply

    He looks like macock in your face.

    Elpoloespi Reply

    ​@Sergio Galindo chill bro I´m just saying he looks like that dude from a movie, i am not saying he is bad.


Bruh breaking ankles 😂😂 who’s number 21 got number left some 🤣 1st and 3rd in RENFRO.

    Diego Lopez Reply

    @OnlineBeast05 Ah-Mook-Ah-Mah-Rah Amukamara

    Doc Holliday Reply

    He still tells him “good job” though. We have a lot of people with good character on this team. Prince and Hunter are two of them.

    downsouthcubbie Reply

    Doc Holliday , that’s a product of drafting numerous players that Dabo coached…

    dontae davis Reply

    Prince ahbubu

    J Rome Reply

    @Doc Holliday That’s a good point. He may have been a little sarcastic but he has very good character. Like you said, a lot on this team do.

Metalslug Reply

I gotta cop a Renfrow Jersey…

Raider Chachi Reply

Devey (65) asking about “that anime thing” 😂

    yourlife 4given Reply

    Raider Chachiyou see the mullet on that boy bahaha fantastic

    frozt Reply

    Top tier troll knowing he was mic’d up. aha

    raider nation Reply

    Hilario lmaaoo

Rich Granados Reply

Did we forget to mention we got Hunter Renfrow on our team? Yeah. We got him too. 3rd and Renfrow is the silent assassin of the Silver and Black. Derek Carr is gonna have his best season ever. Mark my words.

    Lew Sifer Reply

    Renfro will make Carr better.

    downsouthcubbie Reply

    I love that our “3rd and Renfrow” has now been passed on to the Silver and Black.. One of my favorite players to ever play at Clemson..

    Shady Business Reply

    The Honey Badger Hunter!!!!

    Routin cats up– lookin stronger tooo– someone found the weight room at DC new house😂

    Shady Business Reply

    Lew Sifer vice-versa

    Lew Sifer Reply

    @Shady Business bahahaha! Good one.

Sergio Galindo Reply

You can already see he’s turning into a Leader!


ImUnguardable Reply

edwards , ruggs , renfrow , agholor , jones not even a big deal if Williams cant play

    G Smoke Reply

    Don’t mention agholor he’s trash

    Richard White Reply

    Agholar is far from trash. He won the Eagles a superbowl.

    The Eagles.

    One and only superbowl.

    He has a history of concentration drops but is making this team and will see the field quite a bit.

    Marvera 24 Reply

    Still sucks Williams got hurt though, dude can’t catch a freaking break. If he continues like this, doubt he’ll be wearing the silver & black next year. Gruden won’t keep him.

    CJ Lute Reply

    G Smoke Agholor is FAR from trash, keep sleeping

    Diego Lopez Reply


rd711 Reply

Can’t wait to see all these so-called premier CBs get “HUNTED”. This kid can get open on anyone. And when the D is forced to use a CB3 because of Edwards and Ruggs? It’s all over.

    Brian Taylor Reply

    rd711 Hunter 7-11 Renfrow. Always Open!

Juan Doe Reply

I’m not sure why I’m rooting for Renfrow so much, he seems like a good dude…I hope he’s with the team until he retires.

doomsday Reply

Renfrow is a good guy but don’t get it twisted he’s a killer on the field. 3rd and Renfrow!!! RN4L 🏴‍☠️

Whitey Bulger Reply

I’m copping all these youngins jerseys. idc. they all finna be nasty this upcoming season bro. 😤😤

rd711 Reply

I can’t freakin’ believe it…Hunter actually has swagger!

rd711 Reply

He’s our best PR too. And that route for the TD vs IJ. Ouch, we’d miss Hunter more than TW.

Malik Jones Reply

YOOOO he did Amukamara DIRTY and then went and told him “Good Job” that’s Phenomenal sportsmanship… Give #21 to Amik Please 😂😂😂

    Kirby on the mic Reply


shannon churchill Reply

I love me some Hunter Renfrow. His dry/subtle sense of humor is kind of cerebral.

Silver&BlackAttack Reply

She married him for his route running

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