Hunter Renfrow: “Execute the plays and beat the guy in front of us” | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Joe Blow

I used to have a dog with the same name pretty special man !!!

    Themack530 530

    Call it what you want bro

Carlos Pimentel

Gruden needs to start drawing up some plays for dude. He’s always open.


    Hopefully he can become a Julian Edelman for us pretty soon…

Dane Bowen

Film shows this guy is winning on routes – it’s only a matter of time before he becomes a bigger part of the offense.

William james

we need to hire this audio-video guy.. so clean and clear!

    Mister Paradise

    Too bad once we get back home it will be leaf blowers and un-mic’d questions again.

    William james

    @Mister Paradise yeah.. enjoying hearing everything from all my speakers not just one side and the other. very unprofessional in Oakland


for some reason I think he’s gonna be used for the bears game a lot

    Robert Villasana

    PS4 G especially if Williams cant go, but of he does i doubt he plays all the snaps. hopefully renfrow can step it up

Josh P

Tottenham is trash

Themack530 530

Tiger woods is a raider fan yeee

Chris P

My Renfrow Jersey is on its way! Get this man the ball!


I think he’s gonna be here for a long time as one of them glue guys . Him and Derek are gonna have a good connection for years. He even sounds and has the same mannerisms as Derek you could tell he’s taking his time and really being reliable

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