Huge Fletcher Cox Lateral TD Off Harrison Smith INT! | NFL 2020 Pro Bowl – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Brendon Keen

Rip to Kobe and his daughter 🙏

    Justin Nguyen

    LEUUUGM stfu idiot

    The Dude

    Brendon Keen wait! Didn’t other people die in the crash too?!

    Justin Nguyen

    The Dude yes 8 other people were on board and everyone did die in the helicopter.

Peyton Manning's Forehead

The effort is unreal

    Mustache D. Luffy

    It’s the pro bowl

    What kind of idiot would Want such a long name

    Peyton Manning’s Forehead you sound like you have a huge future

    I Steal people durags and sell it back to them

    Peyton Manning’s Forehead eagles going to the bowl baby after that play he did in My Cowboys Fan voice 😭😭

    Caley Kruse

    Bro it’s the pro bowl
    It’s just a game to have fun
    It ain’t that serious

    4 YEETS

    Yeah but Courtland Sutton do not try to tackle Fletcher Cox at all

Ethan The Athlete

That was funny asf when I was watching it live😂

    Johnny Tsunami

    Ethan The Athlete facts bro I laughed for about a good 10 min after lmao. Big man TD’s are always gold


Lmfaoooo. No one even tried to tackle him!!!!

    Mustache D. Luffy

    You know there were 2 guys hoping on him right? In an actual game somebody would attempt to tackle him

    Angel Duarte

    nick hover read the comment that TJC drums said before me bro

    Bill Woo

    “No one even tried to tackle him!!!!” – like the Jagsonville Jagoffs defense on the 99 yard run.

    The Dude

    nick hover 2 biggest sports where they don’t play in the all star games is NBA and NFL. Go figure. Majority black. Lol. #factsarenotracistcomments

CurtTheGamer YT

Can’t tackle cause of Sean Taylor😂😂😂🙏🏾🙏🏾

    bob baker

    @TheYoutubePolice hardest hitting safety of all time… especially doing pro bowls..look him up for pro bowls high lights..QBs feared him


    @ItalianOutlaw goddam


    TheYoutubePolice 14 years later still feels bad man

    K T

    Miss watching Sean play…


Sutton gave him a love tap

Your Boi Chungus

Cortland Sutton was like”ight imma head out 😂😂

Alfie The doggo

In the actual game the announcers were like “ He’s thinking about the oxygen tank about now!”

Rip Kobe 💐 ❤️ you are already being missed


    @Alfie The doggo yeah but heaven ain’t real people die everyday

    Christopher Swanson

    Overdrive King jeez man. What’s wrong with you. Somebody’s life was just taken along with his daughter. Kobe was someone who was affluential in the NBA. He kept people tuned in to the lakers games. He was a leader, and a good person. This man had a life, yeah he got more news coverage then most deaths, but he had a historical career. Cmon man


    Alfie The doggo so many people die, over 1 million people have died at least is the past two decades probably. Yet we only focus on the big ones. I’m not saying I don’t care about Kobe. Trust me I love him. But he’s saying it was just like any other person kinda. Just a little bit more fame that’s all. We should be saying rest in piece to just Kobe because at least more than 2 people died today. We should be saying Rest in piece to everyone whose passed on today. That’s all. Not tryna start anything either

    Tristan Potts C

    @Overdrive King Well aint you a bucket o sunshine. KOBE was a legend in the NBA. You have some nerve saying this to NBA fans. Who cares, THE NBA FAMILY CARES!!!!

Liberals are gay

Rip to Kobe and his daughter you will be remembered forever legend

    Overdrive King

    Liberals are gay shut up Kobe was not good

    Simple Spxms L2

    Overdrive King your just mad you’re not like Kobe and your name is Overdrive King but you are not the king like Kobe is , was , and always will be so you can stop being mad you’re not him


Harrison’s always doing something in the Pro Bowl

    Austin G

    Good for him cause he’ll never make a superbowl


Shout out to Cortland Sutton for letting something Entertaining happen in the pro Bowl once

Wanli Tan

The way he grabbed the ball and ran it on the return, it looked like Ed Reed.

Starwars fan#1

RIP Kobe and his daughter. Huge loos


Kobe would have loved this. Fly Eagles Fly..

BeastMode Mixes

You could tell that Courtland Sutton genuinely didn’t care if he scored

    Alex Johnson

    Nelson definitely showed some real effort lol

    dopey x711

    Kinda dope actually, cool to let the big man take the moment and have fun with it. Pro Bowl is just for recognition, ain’t no one trying to get hurt tackling a dude like Fletcher Cox.


    courtland Sutton is still on his rookie contract


Love Courtland Suttons and everyone’s effort!!!


This Served A Purpose Because Kobe Was An Eagles Fan.
R.I.P Kobe 😔🏀

PJ Williams

The whole Vikings defense made it 😂


Who doesn’t like to watch a big man with the ball

Sirmir El Bey

That was a much needed smile!


Rest easy King Kobe & Miss GiGi and everyone that was on board! This is so sad! Smh

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