How will NFL officials handle new replay review rules? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

How will NFL officials handle new replay review rules? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

What will the impact be of the new replay review rules for pass interference in the NFL? PFT's Mike Florio examines what might happen next season.
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How will NFL officials handle new replay review rules? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Proteus Augustus

The game is long enough already.

    Eric P

    why do people not understand that you don’t get MORE challanges just because you have more options.. not like you can challenge every single PI… you still only get 3 T/O and challanges

    Proteus Augustus

    Eric P I think the refs in NY are going to step in; especially, under 2min. Like they do with TDs and turnovers. So; it’s not going to be just coaches challenges. Coaches aren’t gonna save one for a PI. If what you say pans out then that’s fine but I don’t believe so. Well have to see how it plays out.


refs didn’t blow the call. it was purposely missed.

    sasquatch 747

    07gortiz no it wasn’t

Matthew Wronkoski

As the norm in last decade and half a monumental error has effected the outcome of the Superbowl, the only way to keep fans of football not just saints fans watching is to over react, if not fans start wondering if the missed call was on purpose

ΛLΛΠ 1993

Their ego will get in their way and opt to not review some plays. It’s like VAR system in soccer.


still afraid to get it right. whining about ‘how long it takes’

ARC strider

Just one of the many reasons why NFL blows.

    sasquatch 747

    ARC strider then why do you watch


Say a dirty shot? You as an official did not see it. After the season then fine them. Not during a game. What if there are multiple penalties can you view them all on offense and defense. Play starts over. Fans willbe at the game for 8 hoursbefore half time!? STUPID??!

Matthew Rogers

Saints why we feel bad for bounty gate false pretenses super bowl win us ball was uncatchable

Matthew Rogers

Right call has to be made

nate k

Waiting on more PFT videos to be uploaded to YouTube. What’s going on Florio?


Whatvabout the one hand on brady in kc games cost chiefs the game…..
No one talks about that play tho right


Rams got robbed in LIII so be hapoy saints fans

stephanie Parker

The Fix

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