How to Get Your Girl to be a Chargers Fan, & Icy Tips from the JackBoyz – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Carlos Castaneda Reply

Bolt Up Baby!⚡

Compton5 Reply

Have her watch a Charger game vs the 0-4 Broncos thinking she’ll be impressed when she sees Philip Rivers. Oh wait, they blew that game. Nvm she still an Eagles fan!

    antwan bullocks Reply

    Watch the w against the steelers if not you can roast me

Gavin Mix Reply

I love the chargers been a chargers fan since 2010

Nicholas Sylve Reply


Гоша Гео́ргий Константинович Микчаилов Reply


    Ever Boy Reply

    Dude. They were recorded weeks ago. They’re all wearing the same gear in every video.

    Гоша Гео́ргий Константинович Микчаилов Reply

    Ever Boy wait are you serious?

bernardo prado Reply

⚡️⚡️I been tryna make my girl a Chargers fan for 3 years now 😭😭😭 BOLT UP!! ⚡️⚡️

    Alicia Morales Reply

    bernardo prado I am a fan stop lying!

Mario Martinez Reply

Tune in guys we need these dubs

Levi Ackerman Reply

Low-key want Derwin to be in these episodes. 😂😂

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