How to do an Upper Body Workout at Home with Austin Ekeler | LA Chargers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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ChargersRCool Reply


War Rogers Reply

I have the same sectional..

    Will McCormick Reply


Glizzock _ Reply

Bolt gang or dont bang⚡

    ChargersRCool Reply

    Glizzock _ raiders broncos and chiefs don’t bang! Am I right?

Smiling Bolt Reply

Thanks Austin! You’re the goat

Max Cochran Reply

I think I speak for everyone we need a Austin Ekler jersey

Will McCormick Reply


Eric L Reply


Daniel Garcia Reply

I cant go to the gym to lift wheits so I put big heavy books in a bag and lift 40 each arm then well squats

Lakerfan Reply

BOLT UP ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

Chris Senor Reply

Austin is the type of dude to retire right now and start a gym lmao

    ChargersRCool Reply

    He has got a couple more years

P. Seshadri Reply

Austin… love u as a football player! Knew u we’re amazing from the first time I saw u. Bolt up and good luck as the RB1. You earned it.

Noah Poppin Reply

Congrats on the contract your amazing keep up the work

Connor Jensen Reply

Ekeler the goat!!

Tem Reply

great content I really liked it

Vlad Synnes Reply

Is this what you’re supposed to do to successfully replace someone while they’re holding out?

Gregarious B Reply

This is great. More of these PLEASE

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