How to be a Champion in Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is a fun way to spend your Sunday afternoons or Monday nights. It is also a great way to lose your hard earned money, if you don’t know what you are doing. Fantasy football isn’t like gambling where everyone has the same level of opportunity to win. One wins through skill, strategy, expertise, and determination.

In this article, you will find tips and strategies taken from fantasy football experts, as well as the skills that make one a good fantasy  football player.

Be Cautious

In the early rounds, it is important to avoid a terrible season by drafting risky players in your team. First and second round draft choices usually turn into busts by the end. Top fantasy football teams pick players who are rarely competitive. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid risky players entirely. Make a good team by being cautious, and considering less risky players more often than not.

Be the Smartest Guy in the League

Do other fantasy football teams in your league fill in starters before other positions?  If you are in a new league that has different rules, make a cheat sheet by simply scratching names and charting each of the teams in a draft table, so you’ll know who has which players at any point in the draft.

Rank Players Well

Every team owner in your league will have a flawed ranking sheet. Your goal is to have the least flawed sheet at the end of each game. Your rankings do not have to be perfect, they just have to be better than the other owners during the draft.

Make Mock Drafts

Practice makes perfect. By using mock drafts, fantasy football owners get to practice their drafts without the results being counted. There are mock draft sites that will allow you to join an upcoming online draft, and you can see how it goes without certain consequences.

Deal well with injuries

The best way to handle injuries is to prepare for them. You can do this in your draft, so you are able to maintain your roster over the course of the season. Your bad luck can be minimized by creating opportunities to capitalize on other’s bad luck. These strategies can make a bad team better and a good team win against the others.

Plan Rounds Beforehand

By the time you get into the later rounds, you should have planned well enough ahead so you don’t pick third-rate players to fill in positions. The best way to make sure you don’t end up struggling in late rounds to fix your mistakes, is to plan three rounds at a time throughout the draft.

Avoid Transactions

Transactions create a great environment on draft day as everyone strives to build their own perfect team. However, this can leave owners rely heavily on luck, limiting the need to follow the league as it is.

Win Championship with Details

Each week in the fantasy season should be a chance to evaluate potential waivers move. Your team should stay on top of this, because details win championships.


The best fantasy football players share the same traits that make them winners. To advance and become the best in your league, it is important that you also become aware of, learn, and acquire these traits.

“When you know better you do better.” Knowledge is your first weapon in fantasy football. If you know nothing about football and about your league, how can you win?

New owners are always at a disadvantage because oftentimes they do not know the rules of the league. If they aren’t avid football fans, and have a hard time keeping up with the games and information to compete fairly against other teams, the likelihood of continuing on in the league is slim.

Before getting into a league, you should familiarize yourself with their rules and scoring. You should rank your players and evaluate them before the draft. A good fantasy football player doesn’t rely on luck, he uses his knowledge to defeat his opponents.

The best fantasy football team owners are also observant people. They know who they are up against. They are able to discern when teams  should go after new players, or whether to prefer ones with consistent success. They are able to gather and handle information well from different sources, and use this to aid in their success. They can read people during drafts when everyone is at the same room, and are able to weed through rumors about team transactions.

Flexibility is an important trait of a successful fantasy football player. By thinking ahead, you can anticipate how your strategies may succeed or fail. You are also able to consider how your opponents will react in your league. By anticipating what could go wrong, you will be able to come up with a strategy to safeguard against these events. Team owners who have not prepared and are not flexible suffer under those unexpected occurrences. They will not know how to bend their strategies in dire situations. They will have a much harder time winning at fantasy football.

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