How Ravens’ Leadership Has Changed Without Terrell Suggs | Ravens Final Drive – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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痢強迫性下 Reply

Leave after 16 years for the money and to be closer to home. I get it, but damn dude just finish your career as a Raven. Retire as a Raven for life. Come on Suggs. Still disappointed.

    king shark Reply

    Ravens wouldn’t put the right money on the table for Suggs, and suggs, wasn’t going to play for suckers money, and he saw the franchise new era movement, and bowed out so the team could move forward.

    As suggs said, when they didn’t put a extension for him the year prior and they moved on from ozzy as gm, he knew the ride was over. …he was right.

    痢強迫性下 Reply

    I know Ed didn’t finish his career here. I know it’s a business. I know it was about money. I can still state my opinion. I just wanted him to be like ray and be a raven for life. That’s why I’m disappointed. I was disappointed when Ed left too. I didn’t want to see Suggs or Reed in anything but a Ravens jersey that’s all I’m saying.

    king shark Reply

    @痢強迫性下 … trust, you not the only one feeling that, … I mean dam throw the man a lil extra to stay. NFL bizz can be ruthless.

    But funny, ray knew his time was up, he called his own shot, before the team could, suggs and reed, had to have the league retire them, they still feel it.

    痢強迫性下 Reply

    king shark facts

    Joe Flacco the one Reply

    Ray Lewis was the definition of a loyal, passionate player. It is hard for people to stay with one team thier whole career. Only do it for the money. CJ Mosley left us for money, Z-smith left. Eric Weddle wanted to stay, he was also a true one.

king shark Reply

McPhee, another I dont know guy, that has proved me wrong, he’s producing so far and getting the guys fired up.

Mannnn how bout that earl Thomas interception, go back and look at it again, he was all stealthy in the coverage and just darted underneath at the perfect time and snagged that ball, pure experience interception. Weddle was ok, but thomas, is next level and making us a takeaway defense. Earl gets two picks vs az.

Welcome back t sizzle, with a face full of Patrick Ricard, 🚛 big truck package, just grind the hall of famer down. Suggs, know our weakness, he’s going to line up on our left side, and try to work Stanley and Bozeman

    king shark Reply

    @A J Creedon Sr … or in pain from us loading his side to run at.

    Fishing TheArea Reply

    McPhee was with Baltimore when we made the Super Bowl run in 2012 and was a great leader with ray and them none of this is new to him he been bleeding that purple and black

    king shark Reply

    @Fishing TheArea … and then he left to chase the big contract, and didn’t pan out. I get weary of retreads even if they started with us, but this comeback is working out so far. 🤞

    Fishing TheArea Reply

    king shark ehh kinda but we had bigger contracts to sign and wasn’t gonna give him a big one cause he was kinda slowing down too

    king shark Reply

    @Fishing TheArea … true, and I dont knock him for trying to go get his, I fully understand the biz, but yeah play and injuries just didn’t get it done for him in Chicago, .. I didn’t like the signing of him back, but he proving me as a doubter of him wrong, so it’s good for the team. 😎

Christian Hubbard Reply

I just want to say thank you for doing these videos. I’ve done social management for a few years and I know these take a lot of effort, trust me when I say fans appreciate them 🙂

balti4s #79 Reply

Who’s going to the home opener 👀

Julian Shipp Jr Reply

We have the best team chemistry 😈

somatra52 Reply

Suggs was never a leader, just an over grown playful child. Moving on!

SZG Sports Reply

I was not expecting a leadership void,
ET, Tony Jefferson, B Will, Peanut are all great leaders on D.
On O, we have LJ, Yanda, Stanley and Snead

    rockman11309 Reply

    SZG Sports and Ingram

coolboy121 Burkett Reply

I think we’re gonna shine this season 😇

Blade Brown, Blocked By URL Reply

ET III and Humphrey both got picks in Week 1. This could be the start of friendly competition. Atleast that’s how I would like to look at it.

Jugg Head Reply

No Mercy, we blowing out every team.

    Mathew Lagueux Reply

    Besides the chiefs, pats and rams for sure… wouldn’t mind them doing it tho 😈

    Deborah Kerns Reply

    That would be fabulous. But it was only week one, against a Florida team that is in rebuild mode.
    Not saying it’s impossible, just have a wait and see attitude …

    The Ravens have a tough schedule this year, in some difficult stadiums,
    (Seattle, Arrowhead); against some very good teams, (Chiefs, Rams, Patriots, etc…).
    It won’t be a cake walk, that’s for sure…

    flacco Santiago Reply

    Facts 😈👿 we here RAVENS FLOCK

Vanji Cagahastian Reply

we dont wana hear that name his time is OVER as aRAVEN dont care he has nothing now a lots of good leaders now for Ravens. Lets Go.

Vanji Cagahastian Reply

If hes aleader ravens has another champ.Hes NOT a Leaderwe have better team without him.NOTHING.

Bodymore MDummy Reply

Suggs left us for the Cardinals out of all teams he could be going on this super bowl ran with us but naw he wanted to chill home

    Charge202 Reply

    @Bruce Glover Yeah, but Ray had to retire before he wanted to
    When he went down with that injury in 2012 the doctors told him they never saw anyone come back from it so he was ride-or-die superbowl or not

    A J Creedon Sr Reply

    He’s in early retirement.

    Bruce Glover Reply

    @Charge202 Terrell Suggs had no right to leave he should have remained loyal and took less money.

    Bruce Glover Reply

    Terrell Suggs is liar He said he wanted to remain a Raven for Life but then trick us and when to another team.

    Charge202 Reply

    @Bruce Glover Uhhh… okay

flacco Santiago Reply


Darth Ryu_ZX6 Reply

Miss Sizzle

cruddy waters Reply

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Mike T. Reply


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