How Ravens Have Prepared for KC’s Noise (and Weather) | Ravens Final Drive – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Jake YT Reply

Second First

Cartman Power Reply

Last year, the Ravens beat the Chargers in week 16 who have an amazing defense. They lost to the Chiefs who have a terrible defense.

    Nick K Reply

    Yea but if they get that stop on 4th down then Ravens had the win.

    Cartman Power Reply

    I’m not talking about the wild card game, where the Chargers destroyed the Ravens. The Chargers are better than the Chiefs this year.

    Nick K Reply

    @Cartman Power they won by a touchdown, I was at the game I wouldn’t say they destroyed them at all, they def dominated the first half tho

    Nick K Reply

    @Cartman Power did you just say the Chargers are better than the Chiefs? they lost to the Lions lol..

Sang Nguyen Reply

Come on Ravens we can do this.

    MrDubzz Reply

    Let’s Gooo!

Trying to get 1,000 Subs with no vids Reply

Make this blue if you love the Ravens
πŸ‘‡πŸ½ I’m gifting my next 15 active subs

    Tyrone Savage Reply

    How do u know if they are active subs if u have no vids

Jt Talks Reply

Awsome lets get em

Ryan Damon Reply

Let go Baltimore ravens

you _darn right Reply

Let’s see what new excuse the commentators will make up against Lamar once we go up 3-0 for the season in arrow Head πŸ‘Œ

    dapointful Reply

    There gonna turncoat on KC’$ defense πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


    Funny Mahomes beat the easy Raiders not even one commentator discredited the win. Lamar beat the Cardinals with Suggs in it still got discredited on his win… WTF!!

    dapointful Reply

    @GO DYNASTY RAVENS!!! …..Big Facts

    Tobi Team Reply

    The Lamar bandwagon would be full then


    @Tobi Team WE ARE THE REAL FLOCK!!

Blacc R Reply

StarVation Ravens Nation!!! Lets goooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Black Future Reply

The Ravens will win this game no doubt about it

    J Gray Reply

    thats cute. youll win your division, but not this game.

    Dallas Cowboys Number One Fan Reply

    Black Future No u won’t because mahomes will find a way to will the chiefs to victory.

    Dennis Price Reply

    J Gray it’s cute that you think the chiefs are better than the ravens

Hanging On The Edge Of The Earth Reply

Please remove that music from the background give us something that makes me feel the Ravens culture

Kiran Williams Reply

Okay Garrett, I see you looking fresh with that jacket…. is that a new shirt from the team?? πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ let’s go Ravens!

flacco Santiago Reply


Jared Schreckengast Reply

Video doesn’t say or show how Ravens prepare for weather.

dapointful Reply

Was it 24 – 27 last year ,this year it’ll be 35 – 21 RAVENS and I hope in the future the NFL will let us host them in Baltimore flatout this is 2 seasons in a row now that we play them @ Arrowhead

    Deborah Kerns Reply

    I looked at the matchups with these two teams since 1999, when they first played each other. This game will make it #10. And is the 5th time we’ve played in KC. They’ve already played at M&T 5 times. Here’s the games so far…

    Kansas City @ Baltimore M&T:
    10/21/99 – Balto. Loss/35-8
    09/28/03 – Balto. Loss/17-10
    10/04/04 – Balto. Loss/27-24
    09/13/09 – Balto. Win/38-24
    12/20/15 – Balto. Loss/34-14

    Baltimore @ Kansas City Arrowhead:
    12/10/06 – Balto. Win/20-10
    01/09/11 – Balto. Win/30-7
    {AFC Wild Card Game}
    10/07/12 – Balto. Win/9-6
    12/9/19 – Balto. Loss/27-24 in OT
    *09/22/2019 – Balto. Win hopefully…😁

    So, unfortunately we are due to play there again in our 10th matchup…πŸ˜’

    dapointful Reply

    @Deborah Kerns …thanks for that Wow

    Deborah Kerns Reply

    @dapointful ~ πŸ‘πŸ™‚πŸˆ
    Hopefully I can come back to this post, and put a “W” for Baltimore after Sunday’s game…πŸ‘πŸˆπŸ˜

    Black Future Reply

    @Deborah Kerns no hope the Ravens WILL win this game

Dustin Platt Reply

Yall really think our defense who just gave up almost 400 yards of passing offense against a rookie is gonna be able to stop Mahomes? I love the Ravens but I’m gonna take the L early.

    Bryan Alston Reply

    Same…even before the season started this one was always a loss in my mind (and it’s kinda hard to see KC dropping their home opener! Not impossible, but I’d bet against that!)

Ron Edward Reply

Wet conditions may mean that the team that can run the ball effectively may have an advantage. I think we have the upper hand in that case. πŸ‘

Tye The Great Reply

Rain= ravens advantage. Run game!

Sekou Vellis Reply

I heard it’s going to be raining alot that’s an advantage for us

Ian Finegan Reply


Mark Mccaslin Reply

okay Garrett I see you in the jacket early

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