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How Mitch Morse’s Brother Impacted His NFL Career | Beyond Blue and Red

Buffalo Bills Center Mitch Morse says the bond between teammates can’t be broken. The same is true for brothers. Learn how Morse’s inspirational relationship with his brother, Robbie, helped set him on a path to Buffalo and the NFL in this episode of Beyond Blue and Red.

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I love the Beyond Blue and Red/Blue and Gold series. This is a great series but I wish we had more behind the scenes content like some of the other teams have. #GoBills #BillsMafia

Jason Popovich

Beautiful story and awesome guy Mitch is


I love this team that Beane & McDermott have put together. Very likable people. Easy too root for. The type of people that deserve success, in football & in life.


God bless you and your family Mitch

Jemel Moore

I love my team and our players…God bless Mitch and Robbie

shawn OKEEfe

Just amazing!!! Loving this team more daily !!


Great to get to know these Bills in their off field lives. Great story about Mitch!

Michael Connor

The babysitter shook him when he was 4 months old…what?

Mark Mckinney

A team of warriors but first and foremost good people! Go Bills!

Huey Oblongata

This team keeps me and my entire community moving this time of year. Nothing brings us closer than football.

I’ll see the rest of Bills Mafia this Sunday! Let’s bring our A-game, 3-0!


You’re a class act Mitch. Thanks for choosing to come here. You won’t regret it.


wow… So much respect for Mitch Morse. I’m buying his jersey and wearing it to the next game I go too.

Auto Repair Team

This brought tears to my eyes. #humans
Shouldn’t we treat each other like brothers, always?

Alejandro Perez

I’m Mexican, I loved the lady of Guadalupe picture at Mitch’s home. Let’s Go Buffalo!!! Great series bring more BBR, Viva Los Bills!!!


Wow this hits super close to home for me. Love it. Welcome aboard.


These are the kinda videos that are terrific. When the players don’t mind I love hearing their stories.
Buffalo Bills – the classiest team in sports.


I’m was so excited when we picked up Mitch Morse, now I’m proud and honored to have him here in Buffalo.
He is truly a hero!

Jackie Lee

♥️♥️♥️ Love these stories! GO BILLS GO!!! Excited for this weekend’s home opener 💪

Josh Dimino

I’m not crying, YOU’RE CRYING. omg if this isn’t the team to break the curse idk who is. Such truly wonderful people have come together, and despite how much tallent each has – have you ever seen such a humble team? This is something special and people are going to remember them.

Stephen McAllister

God Bless you and your family. Die hard Bills fan all my 37 years of life. Let’s Get to the playoffs again this season!

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