How do fans from abroad become Panthers fans? We found out – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Uno Reverse Card Reply


Imnotababoon ESC Reply



WIN Lose or Tie PANTHERS fan till I Die Southern Mafia 4LIFE. WE ARE THE CAROLINA PANTHERS

Vincent Vega Reply

I’ve wondered this exact thing.
The exposure for our Panthers is amazing. Until now, the 2 Super Bowl appearances and the Thanksgiving Day game were the peak of expanse. This is INTERNATIONAL and win or lose, it’s a great day for us.

Von-Shon faison Reply

This will be my second game this season I will miss seeing the Panthers play the Bucs and it’s making me mad that I can’t see my Panthers play. Every other team get their London or Thursday night game shown on CBS here in NC, how come we can’t. Everyone can afford to get the NFL network, I know I can’t.

    happy people Reply

    If you are in the local market it’ll be on fox also where I’m at it’ll be fox 46

Philipp Scherler Reply

Hopp Schwiiz🇨🇭

John Williams Reply

Let’s be honest a lot of “new” Panthers fans is because of Cam Newton.

    vin russo Reply

    Not really. I think Carolina people think different of him than most.When asked, many only remember the funble he didnt jump on Britain likes tough,hard working bulldog type athletes. The Americans are more into the show, and dressing crazy at press conferences.

Luke W Reply

Good luck for today i see the game from Germany

vin russo Reply

From what I hear from my friend in britain, American football is still difficult to sell. Many people seem to know about Cmac, they talk about what a great rugby player he would be with his jukes, toughness and speed.

Chris Mertlik Reply

Panther fan from California

Besus Reply

Because Cam Newton was a dope answer!!

吴欣跃 Reply

I am a panthers fans from China. The story why I love panthers started in 2013, when D Williams and S Smith first came to Shanghai China for an football event, that s my first to see real football players and then panthers became my home team.

Donna Bowman Reply

Fat Lady on the bridge in London singing SWEET CAROLINE

Ralph Parker Reply

I could watch this for hours

The7Reaper Reply

Got the W today!

Keep Pounding

Brisn Doty Reply

as a North Carolina native and a panthers fan , we love the over seas guys rock and you brought it to the game in london . so proud of you guys .. KEEP POUNDING!

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