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Larry Legend is a GOAT Reply

Should be a fun game

    Aditya Vatsavayi Reply

    bro I see u everywhere

    my penis is realy small ,but Reply

    Larry Fitzgerald isn’t an all time Great receiver!!!

Josue Tejada Reply

I think New Orleans will get the W here. Texans will surely miss Jadeveon Clowney

    Mr psychometrics Reply

    They were fine before him, but it does suck that hes gone.

    the legendary noob Reply

    Clowney is OK but he gets injured a bhnch

    The Red Barron Reply

    @the legendary noob when was the last time got injured

    The Red Barron Reply

    @TopWaver MLK Clowney led the Texans defense to the #1 defense when Watt went down

    KillerKhye Reply

    @TopWaver MLK Clowney is one of the best run defenders in the league

Bent Ice Reply

So…. the browns and titans game? We waitin.

J Stiles Reply

MT vs D-HOP will be a great battle of best WRs in the league

    Ryan Reply

    The Red Barron You trippin with the stronger part.

    ever grow Reply

    @The Red Barron bruh thomas way stronger

    Matt Centeno Reply

    Saints have better DBs than Houston though, so it’s not exactly an even matchup. I think Hopkins is a better WR, but MT will face weaker coverage.

    SixPath Reply

    Blake Patterson D Hop has the best hands in the league

    Austin Madore Reply

    J Stiles people really be out here saying Thomas is stronger and better than Hopkins? 😂😂 you kids should just stay with playing fortnite

Jason D Reply

Saints 27 or 30, Texans 24 with a crucial missed field goal

    Keaden Wheeler Reply

    If u think the Texans holding them to 27 u must be smoking

    JAMES HARDEN 3time dpoy Reply

    Jason D Kaimi got ice in his veins he clutch

    Jason D Reply

    it’s not like it’s a guarantee because they’re at home, remember when they lost to the Bucs at home last year lol week 1, and the past 10 home openers they’re 5-5

    Levi Rajda Reply

    Pls no field goal miss. I got that kicker in fantasy

    Shaq Montague Reply

    We got the best kicker in the league foo

Snowvelyster Reply

New Orleans Saints win Go Whodatnation

    Fun Gamer Fever Reply


Breezy Brees Reply

Y’all already know who I got😂 I’ve been waiting for the season forever and I got the Saints winning 31-14

    That Guy Reply

    Yah it’s a home game for the saints so refs will gladly let the saints win

    thebransnipeD Reply

    14? i’ll be back after the game

    andrew hager Reply

    I think they mite lose BUT will have an elite level season.
    WHODATNATION! Love from WI!

Loyal Philly fan Reply

This is what I’m really excited to see. Monday night is gonna be great and I think it’s gonna be a close fun game but got saints pulling it out 30-24.

    mr wong Reply

    I got 20-24 texans

    ever grow Reply

    @mr wong wow 20 points you trippin.. How the hell the TEXANS outscore the SAINTS

    Tj Robertson Reply

    49-17 saints win

    Clay Pro Reply

    20-24 Texans win….😀

Cory Cash Reply

Saints making a statement Monday night! 💪

KeepingItReal Reply

This is a must watch game.

    - #00 Reply

    KeepingItReal Na Saints finna make this light work

    Maxwell Clark Reply

    – #00 I’m a Texans fan and I agree our secondary sucks

    Chris C Reply

    Saints will DESTROY the Texans lol Texans have no running game! Oh and 1 more thing….#BILLSMAFIA 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

    Saint Reply

    @Chris C GL to your Bills this my friend……WHO DAT👊🏽

    Clay Pro Reply

    @Chris C dude did you not see the two new running back we picked up….🤦🏽‍♂️

Blake Patterson Reply

Can’t wait to see Lattimore vs Hopkins. ⚜️⚜️

    CTC Reply

    Hopkins all day. Lattimore not a top 10 CB. Saints secondary is GARBAGE!

    Blake Patterson Reply

    @CTC you clearly don’t watch football. Thanks for letting us know.

    DeWayne Thompson Reply

    Texans o-line suck, if anything it’s going to be hard for Watson to get rid of the ball.

Alan ProduSaint Reply

Good luck texans, this will be a great game to see in monday night

Davis Reply

marcus davenport may kick his year off right with a breakout performance

jim hughes Reply

Mercilus is going to open eyes Monday night. Two sacks for him. Fuller will be a big play machine for Watson who will have more time for deep balls with a better line to protect.

    Matthew Alfred Reply

    jim hughes Yeah y’all are definitely an improved team from last year. Yall allowed a large amount of sacks so I’d imagine the Tunsil trade would do you guys right. Should be a great game

Frostyguy169 Reply

If the saints win the first four this season, I could see them going undefeated
Edit: with no injuries

    Eugene Rollins Reply

    They will lose games 2 and 3 convincingly

    Frostyguy169 Reply

    Eugene Rollins you never know, all of these games are interesting matchups. All of these teams, (including the saints as well) are fairly loaded.

Fite-4-Ever Reply

Texans could be real exciting this year but i think their first outting will be an L

Yungpope Reply

I would’ve said saints until the Texans got Tunsil

Marcel Clady Reply

New Orleans Saints 35 Houston Texans 17

Travis Stoudt Reply

absolutely no way in heck the Texans win this game

Archer French Reply

Rooting for the Texans but definitely have no bad blood whatsoever for the saints. Hopefully this is a fun game with no injuries, regardless of the final score

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