Hot Takes following the Cardinals Week 3 Loss to the Panthers | Monday Morning Scramble – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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josh espedahl Reply

Itll be nice getting Peterson back

    josh espedahl Reply

    @esterixis yeah it was. Our linebacker core looks very stout on paper but we just need to be better at covering.. I knew losing two starting corners would hurt but damn it has hurt our defense A LOT. However there is so much to look forward to on offense even though this was the worst our O line had played this year our blocking has still been 10000×better than last year. Still this game was bad in the second half need to work on adjustments a bit more and espically investing into o line and linebacker and d line in the next drafts

    Larry Legend is a GOAT Reply

    @esterixis we have 6-8 winnable games on our schedule. The question is will they execute

    AZCARDSNRD11/Noah Reply

    Larry Legend is a GOAT Yeah Murphy is good but not Brock.

    esterixis Reply

    @josh espedahl agree 100% on all of your points. What confused me was when I read that the Cards had worked out RB’s & TE’s last week. Why aren’t they working out O-lineman & other defensive players?? I’m not a football guru, but this makes no sense to me.

    josh espedahl Reply

    @esterixis well considering how many veterans we have on the o line overworking them may not help. It’s just crazy since Shipley is usually reliable and good but he has had a few off games. I just dont know why we srent starting Mason Cole



    Larry Legend is a GOAT Reply

    @M DUB SPORTS then prepare to be let down

    Gary Loomis Reply

    8 wins bro, lol,,,are you kidding me dude? I’m a huge Cardinals fan but sometimes you got to come to Back to Reality they’ll be lucky to win one or two games …our o-line sucks and we have no defense at all, they can’t defend anything. Get a clue stop drinking the Kool-Aid bro

    Larry Legend is a GOAT Reply

    @Gary Loomis we won’t win 8 but we also won’t “be lucky to win one or two”

    M DUB SPORTS Reply

    @Gary Loomis see u at the end of the season

    wonderfred Reply

    Lmao ok dude. Good luck with the crushing disappointment

Noel Newlon Reply

You knew this was a rebuilding season? Bullshit. You thought we were going to have a highflying offense; that’s what everybody was saying in the local media. Kyler is not an NFL qb, that would be kyle Allen. Y’all are still delusional.

Chris Redfield12 Reply

Best part of 2019 cards season is lisa matthews… she’s been off the chain since the beginning of 2019 #go lisa.

    Larry Legend is a GOAT Reply

    If Lisa was a dude would you still think that? 😂

Brad P Reply

I knew this was not goin be an easy game, only if Cam played! Haha. Well all we can do is get ready for the Seachickens. Let’s get it!!

bangsdagong Reply

how about 8 sacks!!! that will slow down an offense!! it aint all on the d.

TheAC87 Reply

Murray is the reason for most sack the kid need to realize he can not out run everyone he is not as fast as people think and he needs to learn to throw the ball away..they need to start giving David Johnson 20+ carries a game this offence goes throw DJ not Murray

    Anthony Bane Reply

    Not 20 plus carries 15-18 carries 10 targets.

    esterixis Reply

    #TheAC87 agree that Murray needs to learn how to throw the ball away. But I think he’s faster than you give him credit for. And, I think 20+ carries for DJ is too much. Most of those carries have been tough. The man is gonna wear down too soon at that pace. Yeah, use him, but use him smart.

Anthony Bane Reply

Russell Wilson vs Wilson lite lol gonna be a fun game but just like Mahommes last year and deshaun watson two years ago Dangeruss will reign supreme.

wonderfred Reply

This team won’t be competitive until Keim is gone. Fire Keim!

Fred Castro Reply

Its going to be a long season because of our defense

dan brow Reply

Read Bible in 8 days challenge.

It will be tough. Who is up for the challenge.

Go Cards.

Cards Brah Reply

Cards competitive pretty much 11 out of 12 quarters this season — take away 4th Q of last game/Carolina and we all be feeling way more positive brother!


Lets go cardinals. Lets get that first win.

Michael Hernandez Reply

Kyler Murray needs to stand tall in the pocket and deliver a pass. He CAN stand tall in the pocket, russel wilson does….

jmgmarcus Reply

They have a bottom 5 OLine. They ain’t winning more than 5 games and that’s insanely optimistic. A lot of flashes tho. Flashes of what I don’t know.

Paul G Reply

Flew in for the game. Where was the defense?
We should be ready to cover a tight end
I saw the McCaffrey TD coming

Safety by himself. linebackers in tight .
Some key drops. The bright spot Zane Gonzalez
He is 9 for 9 in Field Goals. Chandler Jones has
heart and loves to play the game. Lisa,
tell Christian Kirk thanks for the Zips

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