HIGHLIGHTS from the Falcons THRILLING victory over the Philadelphia Eagles – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Nicholis Sullivan

Yo my heart was racing every snap of the game.What a win falcons. fans don’t be cautious when atl is playing we always put on a show win or lose

The 3 Prankskateers

Rise up

Nick bagnulo

No more heart attack games

    Cody Bowden

    Dude my heart was beating out of my chest thought I was going to die, but all the suffering paid off.


    No sh*t. I wasn’t even playing Madden, but when Ryan threw that INT in the endzone, I picked up my PS4 controller and threw it. LOL

    Lotonuu Vaimasanuu

    BlackBirdBlitz — Matt Ryan needs to stop making turnovers,, throw the ball out of pounds if you see the blitz coming 🤦🏽‍♀️

Lyndell Chambers

Offense had a few mishaps. But we had spurts where we looked unstoppable, vs a good eagles defense!! Defense y’all played lights OUT!!

L Capitan

Defense was a monster!! That’s how you finish #RISEUP #FALCONSVSALLYALL #NextupColts

    Lotonuu Vaimasanuu

    L Capitan — defense show up last minute and stop that first down.. very nice,,, we should play like that all the way to super bowl— rise up brothers

    L Capitan

    @Lotonuu Vaimasanuu Facts

Kneel to Jesus

Honestly who would leave Julio in single coverage? 😂

    Justin Rogers

    They tried to blitz one to many times

    Jakdup Jackson

    Justin Rogers yup, they tried to zero blitz way too much

Chris Platt

First, win of the season for the Falcons on the 100th anniversary of the NFL. Sweet!


Why didn’t you put in the kick return fumble or the final tackle with Wes’ call???

Ernest Brown2

Keep hating on the falcons& watch them rise ! Oh by the way 🐐 got them saints again😂😂😂

Gary Allen

You guys have a solid defensive line. A future HOFer at QB and WR and a great overall team, please take advantage of Cam newton regressing, a Bree-less Saints team and Jameis Winston at QB for the Bucs and get a first round bye.

Mike Stand

good video except for the stupid background music, totally unnecessary


    It’s a cinematic production dude. You like movies with no music in them??

young sizzle

Players of the game Oliver takk and julio and cant forget trufant

    Shirley Bingham

    And ridley


    And Mathews

Alexander Reid

If you don’t like this your a saints fan

Mark Godbee

Very surprising win for Atlanta. Hopefully the “brotherhood” will continue to improve given the amount of mistakes during the game Sunday evening.

Indiscreet Geek

Proud of y’all man. These are the Falcons I know. Made me a believer again!

Ben Team

I live and die with the boys no matter what, but it is *so* easy to love these guys when they’re playing well. It’s just impossible not to root for guys like Matt, Ju, Rico, Debo, and big play Grady. And many of the newer guys are also easy to love. Kaleb gutting it out after the injury, Oliver stepping up when it mattered, Ito scooting around… Please don’t let us down this year guys. This really could be our year. #RiseUp


Even though Ryan threw 3 picks, he didn’t sit on the bench with the towel on his head crying with lack of confidence. Instead…he shook it off rallied the troops, read the blitz and before you know it…54 yard TD by Mr. Jet Jones. Does Ryan need to clean up those mistakes? *You got damn right he does.* Almost cost us the game🤣🤣🤣 *(Shots out to the Falcons defense incredible job)* At the end of day, Ice did come through when we needed him the most and we walked away victorious, is the only thing that matters. Now…on to the Colts. #InBrothership

Robert Dillon

We have talent. Rise up the level. Become the beast of a team I know y’all can be

Lotonuu Vaimasanuu

This video forgot to add in the kick returners fumble recover by falcons —

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