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Sebastian Mendez

Our TEs are gonna be beast this year. #GoBroncos

Marcel Vitor


Jack-Madden Overdrive

Lock to fant is a beautiful sight to see

    Chris lilienthal

    Jack-Madden Overdrive
    Lock is going be a star give this kid 2-3 yrs he be push Flacco for the starting job


Gotta say Courtland has me worried. He needs to get some hands.

    King Stacy

    M E 🤡

    M E

    BVW28 insane potential tho🤷‍♂️as long as he keeps on the grind

    Epic Gaming

    M E shut up

    M E

    Epic Gaming dumbass 😂

    thor odinson

    @M E *bias
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Jerome Schulze

Our guys to catch the ball its not that hard.. Sutton if he don’t shine in pre season trade him plz. He is not dt replacement..all that talk saying he wants to be the #1 guy ..better catch the ball..cuz Tim patrick is our #1 guy right now then I would go fant

    Jerome Schulze

    @Rolo Tomasi no he won’t be.. Not even close

    Rolo Tomasi

    Jerome Schulze You tell him that. I don’t think the doctors will. Already doing 7on 7. We will see. Even on a limited role. Just an opinion.

    Rolo Tomasi

    Jerome Schulze Looks like Sanders had a busy day catching Flacco passes at camp today. But he seems far from ready in your eyes I guess.

    Jerome Schulze

    @Rolo Tomasi um sanders wasnt there today.. Idio

    thor odinson

    @Jerome Schulze so fant is going to be wr#2…..lol 🤡

Andrew Trigueros

Austin Fort looking more and more like our #1 TE

    Jesse Gandarilla

    Andrew Trigueros he should take Jake Butt’s place. Fort is making his way into the roster. He might be our Phillip Lindsay this year

GodOfDestruction Big Red Sama

Drew Lock passing form looks very awkward to me anyone else??

    Max Robbins

    A little, he’s kind of got a Phillip Rivers/Matt Stafford release point

    Cubecraft Banned

    Yeah it’s because he’s a bust. His mechanics are trash. Fangio said he isn’t even a QB yet lol


    Cubecraft Banned LMAO you ain’t banned yet?


    Flacco looks good

Boyd Paul

One more week!….

Josh G

I love the broncos

Cubecraft Banned

Lock looking like trash and Rypien looking like a beast… as always lol. Also why is hogan getting so many snaps still? Give his snaps to Rypien

    Stoney Neff

    Yep it’s all you ever do bash Drew Lock .
    You have no life

    Cubecraft Banned

    @Stoney Neff All you ever do is defend Drew Lock. You have no life


    Stoney Neff cubecraft is a huge minecraft fan and he’s OBSESSIVELY IN LOVE WITH BRANDON PERNA!!!

    Stoney Neff

    Lol look who’s talking , go play Minecraft little boy .
    No life loser


Hogan is about to win the #2 spot. Lock looks awkward


    Your whole comment is awkward…..Hogan has thrown more interceptions than Lock😂😂

Luis Alberto Rivera Morales

Who is the # 89?


    TE Austin Fort

    Luis Alberto Rivera Morales



    who’s #2? Phillip Lindsay JR?


    WR Trinity Benson

Maurizio Zurita

Who’s number 2 looks like a beast?!


    Maurizio Zurita is that win free?

    Jacob Deherrera

    BVW28 no Winfree is 15

    Jesse Gandarilla

    Maurizio Zurita I think it’s trinity benson

Charles A Townsend

Shows Lock throws short passes well but Rypien throws deep passes with precision.

Klaus Klaus

Fant and Flacco finally starting clicking, nice to see

Klaus Klaus

so much hate in these comments. people who try to see things in 90-sec videos and they really think they could analyze something out of the videos. they are so funny xD. comments like: lock looks bad or like: sutton has to be wr3 cause he drops everything….. guys you see 90 seconds out of 4 hours training a day, chill and enjoy bronco football is back

    Weaboo Edgelord IV

    they didn’t even see 90 seconds of practice, they saw a couple different players, one at a time, running, for 90 seconds.

Blake Williams

Let’s all stop talking crap about Lock because trust me once he hits that field yall will be wanting to get back on here to delete these comments to not look foolish!


Heard Brendan Langley switched to WR. What number? does anyone know?

    thor odinson

    @Astropunch just read an article that said he wasn’t transition well and might not make the team… Its just an opinion piece tho 🤷


    @thor odinson yeah copy that. cheers for the response. much appreciated friend

    thor odinson

    @Astropunch I got you bud cheers🍺 bronco’s country.


    @thor odinson All day. let’s drink 🍺

    thor odinson

    @Astropunch dude drinking a Cold one right now… Blow the frost off and let’s get ready for football season!


Flacco throwing them powerful tight azz spirals boy. Ravens are dumb af.

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