Highlights: Bears Training Camp, Jaylon Johnson Interception | Chicago Bears – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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K C4 Reply

Hey huge fan guys

Deshawn Hopkins Reply

I like how y’all hid who threw that interception 🤣💯😭

    J Dolo Reply

    Yeah but somehow now foles in the lead! Foh that son of a mitch not getting the pretty boy assassin job!

    Tracti0n Reply

    @J Dolo Trubisky also threw an int as well though 🤔. Idk who threw the int Toliver grabbed but I think that was Mitch. Whoever wins the job, wins the job so I think either is fine.

    Samuel Howie Reply

    Foles threw 2 and Trubisky threw 1. NBC Chicago was saying Foles was better because he was more accurate. Nagy did say Trubisky was going downfield on his throws more than Foles. If the reports coming from the media is close to how the coaches see this playing out it looks like it’s Trubisky’s job right now.

    Tracti0n Reply

    @Samuel Howie If you’re going off Adam Hoge at NBC then the competition is tied rn. Although Mitch was throwing more downfield it lead to more misses and bad looking throws, however that means Nick was also playing more safe and may or may not be what the coaches are looking for.

    In the end we have no real clue who’s “winning” as the coaches may be evaluating with way different metrics and with more info than we could know. We just have to wait until Week 1 to see who’s top dog.

    Samuel Howie Reply

    @Tracti0n I agree. The reporters can watch the plays unfold but probably don’t know who’s the first read, the second read or even the hot read. Or even what the coach is wanting someone that play.

The Zachary Carter #1 Reply

I bet everyone really wants to see Mitch Trubisky succeed but he need to be accurate with his throws of he wants to be the starter.

    johnny six Reply

    Who tf is u

Amahd Cole Reply

Like it keep we working hard

Mariyah Lowe Reply

I’m Alone 😍😥

Salik Akhtar Reply

C’mon Mitch! We are all rooting for you

Jason_ Todd_is BATMAN Reply

The refs are gonna call that last pass incomplete….Also was that a catch or no?

4RedGames Reply

Am I tweaking were is the interception?

Roderick L Reply

Cole Kmet’s a big boy!
Graham & Kmet are going to be lethal this coming season!
Looking forward to JWims, AMiller, ARobinson, DMooney, and the rest of the receivers to make an impact this coming season!
Go Bears!

Reecefresh_gets Reply

1:20 that was Nick Foles’ pass by the way… you can tell by the Black glove he has on his off hand.

LJ Serrato Reply

Mooney looking nice so far

Brandon Dozier Reply

Based off of this lil video, Nick has to be the starter lol

4th and 21 Podcast Reply

Great to finally see some highlights out camp. Can’t wait to see what this team does week 1 against Detroit.

Art Soto Reply

All I saw was Foles!

Ayden Miller Reply

mooney is a steal💯

Chip Skylark Reply

heard foles had a great day

Devin Reply

Nick Foles looks like beast, whole team looks real good

CollinsK85 Reply

Getting closer and closer, Bears football Let’s Get it!!! 🐻⬇

Eddie Yoshida Reply

This kid #85 is someone I’m looking forward to him showcasing his talent this season…been a long time or no time since we had a very good TE – LET’S GO BEARS! BEARS FOREVER IN MY BLOOD!!!! NO MATTER WHAT🇺🇸🇼🇸🇯🇵

Michael Kawell Reply

Tightends are going to open up this offense this year.big things coming

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