Highlight: Tom Brady Throws to Mike Evans, Chris Godwin – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Highlight: Tom Brady Throws to Mike Evans, Chris Godwin

View the best plays from the first day of 2020 training camp between Tom Brady and Mike Evans, Chris Godwin.

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Jacob N.

So freaking excited for football season!


    It’s going to get cancelled

    Bdcjr gaming

    @20GRIZZ20 true

Ausy austin gaming

Bruh the title is exactly what you get and nothing else

    Raymond Musgrove

    Every video should be like that!

    Sleepy Sleep

    Right 😂

    GDBOY Films


    Antonio Soto

    @Sleepy Sleep ñ ñ ñ ñññ. Ññ ññññ ññpñ ñ. Ññ ñoño 0 ñ

Tom Whittle

They look ready to Dominate!!

    Phon Xieng

    yep they gonna put up 7 pts a game and go 0-16

    Crazy Fanner

    Phon Xieng You’re dumb

    Voiceof Reason

    @Phon Xieng Shut up virus boy


I feel like this is just a live-action Madden game where I just put Tom Brady on the Bucs

    BEEFCAKE 306

    That’s what i did asap.. edited him and dropped his rating to a 64 and get him with a 7th round pick and a sloppy receiver lol

    Joe Hilbush

    I know I remember doing that back in Madden 17 a couple years ago and he was a beast on the team that year also


I’ve already rewatched it 20 times and counting.

    Jason Guerra



    KyleTheOtaku I watched it twice 😄

    Rich G

    Im up to three times by the time I read and responded to this comment. I can definitely see myself watching this 20 plus times too 👊😎


Issa scary team…. the defense is also very underrated lots of ball players on that side of the ball.. this should be interesting season


    on paper, if we went on names alone the yankees would never lose.



    Joe Anthony

    That’s all on paper


    @Joe Anthony toilet paper

    Tommy McDuffie

    Add to that Tom Brady makes defenses better the bucs team is going to be tough.


Patriots fan here, I wish Brady nothing but the best and thank you for all the great memories. I’m really excited to see what he’s gonna do this year.

Bucs fans please take care of our boy 🙏


    Who are you going to route for on the rare chance the Pats and the Bucs both make it to the superbowl? Out of curiosity.

    Scott Harrington

    @phoenixkhost Avis 24 year old Pats fan. Will be putting my Brady jersey back on if we have to play him in the superbowl (unlikely of course). Too many amazing memories to root against Brady now. For me at least

MarLy MarLLe

Brady sounds like Trent Dilfer coaching an elite 11 camp.

    Voiceof Reason

    Those two names should never be uttered in the same sentence


Football can’t come soon enough!

    Joe Biden is a Senile, Corrupt Pervert

    Exact thought that came to mind seeing this video recommended.

stéphane A

If Arians doesn’t want to be too cute and let Brady do what he does, Superbowl.

Diane Ciaramitaro

He should auction off his sweaty practice shirts. God knows I’d have one. For charity of course. Are you listening Tom? TB12 GO BUCS 🏈🏴‍☠️⚔️👍🏻😷🇺🇸

King Buc

The only thing I’ll change from this is Godwin is good with the screen passes he gets YAC . Evans is more the deep pass kinda guy 😂 so this was a strange to see

    Mexican Zeppelin

    Just my guess, but I think Tom loves the Godwin types. Think about it, James White and Edelman, both really good with YAC and they got a lot of balls and first downs. I like the balance on your offense. It’s much better than what Tom had last year and if they have the time to work out the timing and play calls at the LOS, they will be a formidable offense.

Salman M

Remember when people said Tom Brady is in decline. I wonder what they’ll be saying after the numbers he puts up with his offensive weapons this season hmm…

    Vikram Chary

    hotchowder yikes. I don’t think Brady will do that well, but mahomes won’t be the goat for a long time, if ever, which is unlikely

    Mexican Zeppelin

    Anybody saying Tom is in decline does not watch film very closely. He put up 4k yards last year with Edelman and Edelman and Edelman. How do you do that with a slot receiver, no outside threat, and no running game? Decline THIS!


    @Mexican Zeppelin And won a super bowl in 2018. Ppl are such idiots.

    Vikram Chary

    @StewDub81tre I’m a Patriots fan and watched every game last year. I saw that Brady underthrew and missed his spot on a lot of throws, even dumpoffs to white or screens to Edelman Meyers Harry and Sanu. I just don’t see him winning a ring, even with his loaded receiving options this year

    Vikram Chary

    @Mexican Zeppelin ^

Michael Dawodu

How would yall feel if the Buccaneers won the superbowl

    Anthony Smith

    Like ‘7’ truly is a Holy Number.


I’m a Cowboys fan and I’m excited about this season for us but I’m ECSTATIC to see what Tom and the Bucs are gonna do this year. GL GOAT.


    That’s if there even is a szn…

    Ricky Garcia

    Cowboys fan here feels the same way

    rehab paddler

    Broncos fan here. Equally excited!

Armando Huante

“I’m throwing everything fast boys!”

Arthur Peters

Pat’s fan from Rhode Island, I really don’t think you bucs fans know what a special player you guys have, TB12 gave me some of the best memories of my life. Take care of that man, he won’t let you guys down. He is going to shine with all those weapons.

David Johnson

The energy just radiates that this is the Best versions of all 3 of them!!!! That’s a big sign that we’re winning it all this year!


Mike Evans has the ball 🏈 literally one second after the snap on the outside with his size and top end speed… can’t wait to see it in game


Not a Bucs fan at all but booooyyy i cant wait to see Brady to Evans and Godwin OMG. Hooe we get a full season! F covid19.

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