Highlight: QB Tom Brady Scrambles for a Touchdown – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Highlight: QB Tom Brady Scrambles for a Touchdown

Watch as QB Tom Brady scrambles to score a touchdown during Tuesday's training camp practice.

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Gavin Reply

Let’s Gooooo!

    Idk To be honest Reply


Charles Benjamin Ngo Reply

Love tom Brady best Qb ever played the game go Bucs

Mugi Chan Reply

I’ve been hearing good things about this Brady kid coming out of camp. I hope he makes it.

    Craig Woollard Reply

    You heard bout his mate? He’s a TE

Esh11_WOTB Reply

For a moment I thought that was Lamar Jackson 😲

    Omar De La Torre Reply


Theis124 Reply

Lamar who?!?! Lol

manan dedhia Reply

He is the GOAT.

Jason D Reply

Wow, it’s turning out to be quite the QB battle, hope they get it sorted out before week 1!

Dong Zhang Reply

My loyalty to my hometown Patriots prohibits me from purchasing a Brady Bucs jersey. So I will be wearing his college jersey while watching him play this year.

He looks rejuvenated, motivated, and happy. Can’t wait to see how he does with such a potentially explosive offense.

Jackluck2 Reply

Remember when this dude juked Brian urlacher 1 on 1?

Gerard Reply

He looks skinny

Zion Munroe Reply

I’ve been saying this. The older he gets the faster he gets

    DBNation35 Reply

    You’re not wrong lol

    Mr. Misterrr Reply

    So true

Sosa Brito Reply

He breaking for 80 this year 🙏🏼🤣

petercom12 Reply

…he’s the fastest man ALIVE

Mya G Reply

Fastest man alive

Allmoneyin Reply

Hes already rushed for more TDs than cam lol


Bro no way!!! 😂👌

Linda Burkowski Reply

Brady ran so fast it threw the hurricane heading for Florida off course!

Sports And Aquariums? Reply

Faster than brees⚡️

Austin J Reply

He’s faster

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