Highlight: Brady and Gabbert Connect with Tight Ends – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Highlight: Brady and Gabbert Connect with Tight Ends

View the best plays from the first day of 2020 training camp between Tom Brady, Blaine Gabbert and the tight ends.

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Matthew Kiely

Go Bucs, hot and sweaty, working hard

    Pistol Pete

    Matthew Kiely slow down speed racer, don’t need any semis on here

    Matthew Kiely

    @Pistol Pete LOL, the ONLY thing I was alluding to, was they are training hard, and ready to live up to the hype…no pressure this season.

    Steven Martin

    Even that comment sounded suspect

Ballard SportsMedia

Putting that work in! Go Bucs! 🙂👍


Is it me or does Gronk look insanely fit compared to the last few years he played?



    Rock 813

    He in beast mode

    Voiceof Reason

    He’s always been ripped during the season


    He slimmed down a bit


    I guess we will see,but a year off is prolly what he needed. He just hammered throughout the season.

Logan Murdock

Looks like Tom packed on a little bit of muscle

    Scott M

    @Adonis Brown Joe Rogan lol !!

    los lopez

    Lol you guys!!!!😂🤣

    Jay Schaff

    Big White Duck only on off days

    Primo Escobar

    getting ready to throw those balls down field on a regular now, lol

    Matthew Kiely

    He is a plant protein guy, (not sure whether he is a 100% Vege) check out his website TB12

Wildfox 19


Pete Rock

The most impressive thing about the video is Blaine Gabbert is still in the League. hard work and good attitude and good character will always win.

    Steven Martin

    Who needs production with a nice guy like that

Wildfox 19

Just wait you’ll see😎


Rewatched it at a least 20 times so far

    John Bissainthe

    Yeah, I know……lol


Dude gronk looking peak shape!! 🔥🔥

    Patriotic Pats Fan

    I Know Right. I Hate People Who Say He Is Unhealthy This Season

Rollie Mc Splat

Wow I wonder what it would look like if Brady threw to Gronk? Never seen that one before!


    You NEVER saw that before??? Ummm they were on highlight reels for the past 10 years, did you just start watching football?

    Raidyn Wiley

    @AceJams i think he was joking .

    Voiceof Reason

    @AceJams Ever hear of sarcasm. He laid it on pretty thick


    @AceJams r/whoosh


    AceJams look it’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s WHOOOOOOOOOSH

Marcelo Soprano

Sounds like hulk ready to smash




    Jaewon Powell

    The sound of an aging man

Rock 813

Tom got a beautiful throw motion and them some bullets he throwing

    A.T X

    Chest Rockwell clutchest player in sports history

    M.Y. Niqqa

    Although he is not the most athletic, one thing Tom is always great at is his footwork, throwing form, and release.

    Eli Edwards

    Chest Rockwell didn’t matter against the titans😂

    Millennial Football

    @Eli Edwards Wait a minute, you mean to tell me brady didnt go to a 4th straight superbowl if he beats the titans? Omg what an underachiever… i know some Qbs that haven’t been to the superbowl in over a decade and not only do they lose every year in the playoffs they get blown out

    Eli Edwards

    Millennial Football all I’m saying he’s not as good as he used to be.

Nazir Bingham

I’m a Bears fan and I believe that THIS team is the best in the NFC.

    Tamir Hall

    Imagine being a bears fan on purpose

    Mustache D. Luffy

    @Nazir Bingham I haven’t been paying attention buy don’t they always underperform? I see a lot of 7-9 seasons

    Nazir Bingham

    Mustache D. Luffy Yea with a guy who threw 30 ints

    Nazir Bingham

    Mustache D. Luffy Bucs will be at least 10-6 or 9-7

    Mustache D. Luffy

    @Nazir Bingham i think that makes sense but it depends on who they’re playing against I think

Jeremy Nichols

Gronk -_- *huff* *puff*
Laufey: you look weary

Rafael Rodriguez

I’m i the only one that feels like Gronk got swole out of no where

    Ryan Navas

    there was no steroid testing during the quarintine some im sure gronk got some of that good sauce

    Jay Slayer


    Darth Vader

    Nah Gronk just lost a lot of weight since retirement so he looks more ripped because he’s so lean now

    Stephen Andrew

    Just been back in the weight room, needed to pack on 7 or 8 kg in muscle, he got pretty skinny during his time off.

    Luke Collins

    It’s called HGHE

mailliw someone

23 seconds? Come on man! I know you got more than that! WE NEED MORE! PLEASE!

Steffen Samlal

Dam buccs we want the greatest qb and tight end back!😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢 no injuries this is y’all year, make it happen. They are doubting y’all, show them! Patriots!

3 Souls Paranormal

Dont forget we signed Lesean McCoy too my mind is 🤯 with all this offensive talent

William Who-Dat

Oh I’m so scared. He completes a pass to a tight end. I think we still all know who’s going to win the division.

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