Heyward, JuJu, Washington, others on Ben’s injury, Mason Rudolph | Pittsburgh Steelers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Heyward, JuJu, Washington, others on Ben’s injury, Mason Rudolph | Pittsburgh Steelers

Hear from Jaylen Samuels, Ryan Switzer, Cameron Heyward, David DeCastro, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and James Washington on Ben Roethlisberger's injury and Mason Rudolph.

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MAGiC SchlongSON Reply

Mason Rudolph is

    Paul Buccigrossi Reply

    Going to win Rookie of the Year and raise number seven for Steeler Nation.

    Jaleya Cosby Reply


    Nick Marshall Reply

    Paul Buccigrossi, Except that Ruldolph is not a rookie.

Thomas Trapasso Reply

First and let’s go Steelers 0-2 but we can come back and we got minkah

Sports talk Oop Reply

Hope Big Ben get better

Devon Greathouse Reply

Let’s go Steelers you the best

Crazy Horse Reply

The last time we started 0-2, we won a Superbowl!
I have faith in Mason, and the rest of our team!

    Steel Penguin Reply

    With all the corruption surrounding the NFL right now I doubt it.

    Bart Basquiato Reply

    Big Ben 2.0 Mason’s 2nd year he wins a SB.. but imagine if he did thoe (wishful thinkin) what would they do w Ben

    Andrew Grove Reply

    @Steel Penguin i agree. They want the pats to reach 7 before Pittsburgh

    Andrew Grove Reply

    @Bart Basquiato that’s my thought too

Devon Greathouse Reply

Steelers you are going to win the. Super Bowl

    Aiden why Reply

    Right now I’d be happy if we won the division Baltimore looking scary

    Joey Parm Reply

    @Aiden why division?.. wouldn’t it be more realistic to hopefully make the playoffs in the near future?(2 or 3 yrs minimum)

    Joey Parm Reply

    @RANS87IROCZ i think the teams already checked out on Tomlin. Two weeks in a row they look like individuals and not team oriented on every single snap of the ball

    Jump Street24 Reply

    Im hoping for playoffs then if things continue bad a wildcard.

GRIFF 2019 Reply

Samuels is a beast! He should get way more carries! Anyone who can’t see that doesn’t know football! He gets 10 yards plus every carry and is definitely play maker! Him and Connor should definitely share the load or they need to mix Samuels up in the play book more! The offense would be more successful! Now that Mason is in put Washington In at number 2 since he has a connection with him! Moncrief should have to work his way back in the mix or be benched or cut. Period

    GRIFF 2019 Reply

    Big Boom Benny snell is hurt too? I didn’t hear that. Damn

    GRIFF 2019 Reply

    Big Boom or are you talking about Connor being hurt?

    Big Boom Reply

    GRIFF 2019 that’s what I heard but it can’t be anything too serious tho If he’s healthy and anybody has him on their fantasy team I would definitely play him

    Keenan Smith Reply

    Give us Ely Rogers back and send #11 packing because he must not like the Steelers. He never catches for us

    Jorge Gaytan Reply

    I dare to say he is better than conner

Itz Sombra Reply

Now we got a new definition of getting #7 for #7

Clay Bolton Reply

That’s you guys problems you guys don’t play as a unit that’s why you guys don’t win you ain’t got a chuck knoll you guys play only for yourselfs and with bens past transgressions he never won after those two problems in the bar and out west ,and it’s not nice to order a bunch of drinks and walk out

Clay Bolton Reply

And you guys always got the best team best players you guys should have won 25superbowl s

Gregory Rollins Reply

All of you like music. Did you ever think about timing patterns. Team sports are like that. Synchronized swimming for instance. Everything perfectly timed. It’s beautiful to watch. I think Lynn Swann had a good understanding how timing worked with his ballet training. Seattle beat you at home, no reason you won’t beat San Francisco at home. Field don’t matter, being on time does. Don’t be a star, be a band. Go Steelers.

Steel City Reply

Next man up

JudyGurl Reply

“Come to work”. Ryan Switzer

JOSE 74 Reply

Time for #2 to step up!!! LET’S GO STEELERS!!!!🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

Big Boom Reply

Washington and Switzer are about to eat with Rudolph feeding them bet on it

    Hoff Reply

    Well I hope they eat. They’re burning a lot of calories out there playin ball!

R C Reply

Switzer👍. Ben needs to help Rudolph, it’s his team now.

mrpoloplaya1 Reply

Listen listen.. the Steelers have the talent to mold together & become atleast wild card contenders. Ppl say that Baltimore looking scary which they are looking pretty dangerous but I must see them against a contending defense

Keenan Smith Reply

Can y’all older Steelers fans remember when Ben was thrown out to the wolves like on “300” yea he got 2 rings soon after so just have FAITH I Love the Steelers and I can see a Superbowl and if y’all cant see it then look harder!

    Keenan Smith Reply

    Most of them are young and learning together….this will be fun for them all

Craig featherstone Reply

Washington will make a difference this year. SteelerNation!!!!

Frank Herrera Reply

Run the table! 14-2. Go undefeated in division. Long over due for Tomlin to light some fires and stop his psuedo intellectual assesments. Play hard nose football! Run, tackle, and catch better than your opponents! This is not rocket science Mike.

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