Head Coach Pete Carroll Week 6 Monday Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Head Coach Pete Carroll Week 6 Monday Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Pete Carroll talks with the on during of the regular season at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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Tim Bartsch

Members of the 12th Man
Where you at

    Kid Ace

    Reppin 12’s from Virginia Beach, Va


    Tim Bartsch here

Brandon Maruszczak

Let’s go Seattle seahawks and Russell Wilson you are amazing and back to the Super Bowl Russell Wilson!!!

Brandon Maruszczak

I am going to the Cleveland browns game to see Seattle Seahawks let’s go Seattle seahawks!!!

    Brandon Maruszczak

    @Skeezix I will be bro

    A Fucking Bird

    GoHawks! The Browns got exposed today so we should be good.

    Brandon Maruszczak

    @A Fucking Bird yes we should let’s go Russell Wilson and let’s go Seattle seahawks

    roy ashman

    Thats cool have a great trip,,, be watching from here in the UK…Lets hear it for all UK 12s…

    Brandon Maruszczak

    @roy ashman nice that’s awesome let’s go Seattle seahawks and Russell Wilson!!!

Guillermo Zuniga


Brandon Maruszczak

Let’s go 5 and 1 that would be awesome!!

    Brandon Maruszczak

    @TerrorWest what do you mean bro

    Johnny 3 Tearzs

    @Brandon Maruszczak “Bro” “Bro” “Yeah bro”

    Brandon Maruszczak

    @Johnny 3 Tearzs yeah to what bro

    Johnny 3 Tearzs

    @Brandon Maruszczak NVM “bro”

    Brandon Maruszczak

    @Johnny 3 Tearzs yes Russell Wilson should get MVP bro!!


damn pete’s nose is messed up πŸ˜‚

    Enagy Atesik

    AhaπŸ˜‚. That’s happen in practice, let’s go Pete πŸ’ͺ

    Skoden Fineden

    has a nose on his dent ! ayyyeee 🀣

    Claire Richmond

    It was crooked before the football hit.
    He’s still a handsome guy for 66πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Matthew Jefferson

I feel the we gonna beat the browns with our front 7 Mayfield hasn’t be to great against. And please dont put Clowney in coverage NO MORE PLEASE


    why you say that

Rico Alexander

I’m waiting for this defense to have that breakout dominant performance. I hope they have it in them. I don’t think the offense has had that either but they have come close.

    Liquid Swords

    Rico Alexander agree. We need the defense to pick it up. Playing in a tough division and Niners look legit.

    Fred Thomson

    Rams most terrifying oofense Seahawks play this year

Spock B

Gotta stay confident and well coached the right way. Practice and workout hard like rocky balboa and Walter Payton, and remember the motivational quotes from Vince Lombardi. Gotta make sure our defense plays closer coverage to make it a focused defense.

Barry Othman

Lets bop those brownies

Charles Harrison

Tyler’s catch was supernatural!

Nike 911


Skoden Fineden

can we have a update on players who are not playing like Blair Colbert ect ect. Damarco keep up the good play.

Lightning Mobile Detail

Its good to see a comment section with none of those youtube coaches and their bs.


    Why don’t you keep your mouth shut

Shane Hafner

Niners just blew the breaks off the Brownies tonight. Yikes. Hopefully we can do the same in Cleveland! Go Hawks!

    Brian E

    I was about to say, after a performance like the one Cleveland put on tonight I hope the coaches and players resist the temptation to go to sleep on these guys. I feel kinda like that’s what happened against the Saints. I’m grateful for the 10 days between games because any sooner and I think they’d go in flat against the Browns, in THEIR HOUSE let’s not forget that. As it is I think Kitchens is gonna have these guys pissed off and ready to kill people and break things. So I’m imploring our Seahawks NOT to get complacent and to take workups, practice, and planning seriously and take nothing for granted this weekend.


    @Brian E Seahawks consistently play down to the competition so we should expect yet another slog.


Go Hawks…!


I’ll be interested to see if we get an improvement in pass rush when Jarran Reed comes back next week.

Fred Thomson

Too many teams rely on interferance calls to move the ball

Steven Claggett

I go back to the Zorn, Largent and Patera days, I think this year could be the best all around group of players/coaches in team history. Outstanding core group and the young guys are hungry. They get better with each game.


A #GOHAWKS! From Maryland

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