Head Coach Pete Carroll Week 6 Friday Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Head Coach Pete Carroll Week 6 Friday Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll talks with the media on Friday during week 6 of the regular season as they prepare to face the Cleveland Browns.

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Jarel Chapman Reply

Go Hawks

Jay Wilson Reply

Lets go 5-1 !!!

eddie castro Reply

Every year Fluker fluke Hamstring.

    Skoden Fineden Reply

    @Ross Luton nobody picking on Fluker, only a suggestion. By all means lucky hes in our team.

    Ross Luton Reply

    @Skoden Fineden oh no i was more talking to the other guy not your suggestion that he stretch more. I just see a lot of people say that he’s injury prone and was a bad signing. I just think that’s ridiculous! He’s a great guy to have on the team.

    Skoden Fineden Reply

    @Ross Luton ta say he was a bad signing? someone needs their head checked šŸ˜‚ .. He is a good pick up. specialy if he sticks around he can help the noobies learn Solari’s ” my way or the highway . “

    Ross Luton Reply

    @Skoden Fineden definitely, but nfl fans needing their heads checked is nothing new xD These are the same people that said that Russell Wilson should be traded while he “still has value”. Lol watch a couple football games and everyone thinks they’re a GM

    Shane Hafner Reply

    Battling Aaron Donald, Fowler and Matthews will do that to an O-Line.

Rodney Green Reply

They are going to get Russell Wilson hurt with patchwork offensive line every year and someone 1 or 2 linemen will be hurt every year

    Skoden Fineden Reply

    it could happen yas. let’s juss not talk like that. Take notes John & coach. draft some o-line replacements. can’t keep duct tapeing the O-line…

    B Rus Reply

    Russ knows how not to take a hit. This isn’t even a bad line for him. 3 years ago he had both ankles taped and he was hobbling around for his life. He’s gonna be fine this year. I honestly just have no clue how they could have built a better line. They grabbed duane brown, a pro bowler, then brought in fluker. Justin britt is a fine center and they got ifedi in the first. It’s not like they aren’t trying. They even brought Iupati, another pro bowler, and it’s still not working. Maybe it’s just Russell’s playing style that makes it tough to build a line around idk.

Skoden Fineden Reply

Yeah teams are looking ELITE, with all the yards the Seahawks give away. šŸ˜”šŸ™„

Jeffrey G Reply

My goodness, we have some serious problems if DJ and Duane are out. šŸ˜ž

    Rico Alexander Reply

    Yeah, we’re fucked.

    B Rus Reply

    I mean it sucks but Russ gonna ball out anyway. Fant fills in well enough and jamarco jones actually killed it at guard last week. The run is for sure gonna struggle though. We’ve gotta come out running well early and tire their defense out

Cody Aminian Reply

Imagine picking rashaad penny in the first round

    Shane Hafner Reply

    Let’s hope Carson and Prosise can be effective, run the ball and kill the clock.

    12th Man Pride Reply

    I dont understand how they are so bad at drafting in the first round

Ross Luton Reply

Likely could see Fant at LT and Jones back in at guard. Hopefully it holds up to the Browns front… yikes

    Eric Maeder Reply

    I know..damn!! No D brown

Flag Bearer Reply

Always Good to See n Bear You. Much Love Go HAWKS

Shane Hafner Reply

Damnit. Penny is always battling an injury. It will be hard for him to be a starting RB if he’s always hurt.

Timothy Gathings Reply

Next man up we coined that phrase so it’s time to.live up to it !!! Let’s Go 12’$ hope y’all are your lemons and herbal tea this week !!!! Go Hawks we don’t panic !!!

Douglas Thompson Reply

I really believe the Hawks are going to win big…..just my thought.

eddie castro Reply

Fluker: Some high BP medicines make you cramp up really easy, with his weight I would think he is on them

eddie castro Reply

drink more water

DukeBigBelow Reply

Trade Tre Flowers and a first for Jalen Ramsey.

    B Rus Reply

    Jags ain’t trading us a top 5 corner for tre and a first lol. Try 2 firsts and a 2nd. They even said they wouldn’t trade him for 5 so yeah that’s a pipe dream

    DukeBigBelow Reply

    @B Rus saw a report they were asking for a 1st 2nd and young player… Tre sounds like the perfect fit… him Tedric or Quint Jefferson

    B Rus Reply

    @DukeBigBelow oh really? Well I’d honestly go for that. I loved tre last year but he’s just getting picked on this year hard. I dont think we should trade tedric, he’s got a ton of potential still. Trading Jefferson would make sense too. We just need a lock down corner on the other side of shaq. What do you think about Chris Harris Jr from denver? He’s a top 10 corner and denver would consider a first for sure

    B Rus Reply

    Also Chris Harris was undrafted and has that chip on his shoulder that carroll loves

Jackson3 Reply

Lotta reading between the lines, Coach!. LOL!

Nick King Televised Reply

This is the hardest game of the year for us. We need the Pass Rush to get going a little bit. Yes, I’m typing like Pete talks…(grin)

TuckTuck Reply

Iā€™m ready

Chris M4 Reply

Feed Chris Carson!!!!

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