Head Coach Pete Carroll Week 4 Monday Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Head Coach Pete Carroll Week 4 Monday Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll talks with the media on Monday during week 4 of the regular season at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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YaBoyzABeast SoDon’tTryMe

We need to work on defense. But we’re going to beat the Cardinals.

    J Abdilla

    And let’s not forget playing in AZ has historically throttled us – not losses as much as injuries: Sherman, Chancellor, Thomas, Dissly…


    J Abdilla agreed.


    divisional games are always the hardest. dont count the cardinals out.


    If we play like we played against the saints, I see the cardinals blowing us out.

    Liquid Swords

    Don’t be so confident. Cardinals have the potential to light up our weak secondary. Hope we see improvement this week.

David Gabrie

You cant win the game in the first quarter, but you sure can lose it. The team should NOT celebrate touchdowns…only wins. Now they looked damn stupid…just sayin.


    Yup i always believed that was the stupidest mentality to have. How about play all 4 F’in quarters!!!


    agree im so tired of their hideous offense in Q1 drives me crazy

DRF 98036

The Seahawks seemed like they took the Saints for-granted without Drew Brees at QB. Play one game at a time, one half at a time, one quarter at a time, one series of downs at a time, one play at a time, etc. Go 1-0 each week and the season will take care of itself.

    Tony Angelo

    DRF 98036 I’ll go more then that. They didn’t even show up!!

    D Augustine

    Man I remember when peeps couldn’t do anything against our special teams but now I fear a fool running a TD on us now.


    I wouldnt say they took it for granted, I mean without the punt return and Carson fumbling AGAIN the Seahawks would have won. They dominated the stat line, just too many stupid mistakes gave the game away.

12th Man Pride

Thank you Pete for learning from ur mistakes. This season is gonna be great

    Liquid Swords

    12th Man Pride huh? Learning from mistakes, when? I’ll believe it when I see it.

    Izzy T.

    Liquid Swords go somewhere

    12th Man Pride

    @Liquid Swords Same man, but this is Pete Caroll and i have a lot of trust in him. In all his conferences he had always bashed himself for those coaching mistakes. After this next week at the Cards, we are gonna have to face the Rams and if we can win that game we know that our squad is back on track. Until then place some trust in Pete for the bounce back

    Liquid Swords

    12th Man Pride I can agree with that. If we see improvement next few weeks beat the Cardinals and Rams, get some divisional wins. I’ll feel a lot better about this team. Love Pete but feel like we’re falling behind in NFL.

Flag Bearer

WE got Caught up by a Lot of Small mistake. They were all over all the short out of d backfield passes.

Capo King

when I saw the schedule before season started I knew Seahawks would lose against Saints no matter who is QB. I hope Seahawks continue to fight and learn from errors.

Fumi S

Can we for once start fast in this coming game. Get as much points as we can in first half and not rely completely on Russ to carry the whole team to a win in 4th quarter. That gets old fast. The man can only do so much.

    D Augustine

    Right pass 1st run the clock later stop making Russ score 3 or more tds in the 2nd half…


    totally agree, they need to learn from the mistakes, get some points on the board early, , we start late because there trying to establish the run Game first

Frank Martin

The ball should be in the best players hands…Russell Wilson…Play calling should go through Wilson…He cant be stopped


    Wilson audibled on 4th down, and threw an interception. Yea, he’s a fucking super genius.

    Dave C

    @profd65 0 INTs

Andrew Nguyen

i hope we can learned from our mistakes and we’r gonna beat the Cardinals

Tony Angelo

$140 million dollar QB being limited.

    Samer Mikha

    He like to see his running back fumbling the ball instead 😂

Luke Scarlett

We should run about 30% and pass 70% Wilson is one of if not the best QB in the league so why are we giving it to Chris who isn’t bad, but with our line he can’t get going. We need to give it to Wilson more!!!

    DRF 98036

    Luke Scarlett: Agreed. The Seahawks scored 21 pts (3 TD’s) in the 2nd half when they gave up on the run and started passing the ball.


    Our line is good. They will work out the bugs.


We didnt have enough time to catch up? Are you kidding me. We scored twice in a few min in gorth qtr. If the decision making and play calling was not so stupid. We still should’ve won despite the fumble and field goal error. But I guess I shouldnt be surprised about the play calling because of the goal line decision at super bowl. We need to play every qtr more aggressively like we did at the end of the game and we could actually make a run to super bowl again. We have the talent.. it’s the people behind the scenes and also a major problem is the play calling is too vanilla early and ifedi is a killer of plays every since he joined our team. It’s so obvious. All the other teams learn to evolve, adjust. Or get fired and bring in someone new to shake up the play calling/coaching. Shouldnt let all this talent go to waste past their prime and then make the changes when it’s too late. Just like the LOB should’ve been a dynasty but we blew that time frame too. SMH..

    B Rus

    I’m mad about the loss too, but keep in mind that Russell and Pete have staged so many comebacks and won the vast majority of close games. I think us hawk fans get too use to always expecting we will comeback haha. Overall, bad coaching by Pete (honestly it felt like the ball hitting him might have thrown him off lol) and some mental errors loss the game. Let’s go get the cardinals on Sunday!!


    @B Rus I get what your saying. My point is that even with those mistakes. If we take the same intensity, approach, play calling we did the fourth quarter and spread it out the first three quarters.. we would be blowing most teams out with our talent. But hopefully this was a wakeup call. We only win or comeback to win last few years because that’s the style of ball we play for some reason when we could be winning by a couple scores given different decisions. Oh well. We should be able to blow out the cards next week so hopefully we wake up.

    B Rus

    @kaznpak You’re right, I think they will wake up. We have the offensive talent to walk through most defenses. We just need Pete and Schotty to realize that playing a conservative, defensive game and running the ball even when we are getting stopped isn’t gonna win a SB. Our defense is talented but it isn’t the squad that won it in the past. They need to just let Russ dominate the game starting in the first quarter

    A Fucking Bird

    We’ve been one of the most dominant teams in this decade other than the Patriots. We just make mistakes that cost us a lot of games

Lisa Velasquez

Our energy was off from the get-go. Pete’s Martia moment, losing the toss, lousy 1st punt, etc. We’ll rock it like Wilson to Lockette the rest of the season. #12sBelieve #Sweethawks #BringTheLove #GoHawks!

Steven Bruce

The Beast never fumbled the ball have Carson watch his film

    QBeats 206

    Steven Bruce he did fumble bro….

Marek Adamik

Maybe less focus on challenge flags and more emphasis on play calling creativity on both sides of the ball. We don’t have Beast Mode anymore and teams aren’t intimidated by our backfield except for maybe RW. Let’s incorporate some new plays and test them out. On D, bring some more heat. Blitz on whatever side Clowney is on. Sitting back in zone just seems to keep the D on the field longer. Taking more risks on D with more pressure packages is necessary. Ah hell, what do I know? Love the Seahawks and love the 12’s 🤘

Richard V

Hawks on pace for 5 interceptions this year . Sure glad we cut Sherman .


We need more creative plays and db’s willing to shoulder tackle like Sherman used to. These sissy arm tackles won’t cut it.

Polin Chhay

RUN, RUN, PASS, the whole 1st half. Stupid play calls. My 11 year old son can call better plays.


    If you think that’s why they lost, you’re the stupid one.

    Polin Chhay

    @profd65 that has alot to do with it dude


The play calling was one of the dumbest yet’ after that ball hit coach in his face with a injury to his nose I was wondering if he had a Concussion? Because he looked really dazed and confused’ should have had s concussion protocol’ the play calling made no sense threw out the whole game. Hopefully we will regroup and continue to win.

Spock B

Football is two important things, Blocking and Tackling. You Block and Tackle better than the team you playing against, You Win! -Vince Lombardi

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