Head Coach Pete Carroll Week 3 Monday Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Head Coach Pete Carroll Week 3 Monday Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll talks with the media on Monday during week 3 of the regular season at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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While I like the Jalen idea, a right tackle is more important right now

    Monitors of Decorum & Decency

    @B Rus Jalen is a great fit for the team, and given the fact that Seattle NEEDS a great man2man 4-3 lockdown CB. Seahawks got the cap space and extra draft picks to burn… And Ifedi… This trade could be a great thing. 😉

    B Rus

    @Monitors of Decorum & Decency Minkah is a better fit. Why pick up Jalen for a one year rental? Then we have no capable guy to backup Fant if he gets hurt. Ifedi is also more talented than Fant. He’s not good but he’s the best we got. I’d rather drop a 1st on Minkah and have him for 2-3 years relatively cheap. Jalen has too much drama as well. No need to bring that guy onto the team unless he is cheap or free. Also, shaq has shown he might actually be great this year and flowers has tons of room for growth


    Jalen said he wants to play man. We play a crap ton of zone.

    B Rus

    @TerrorWest another reason to not blow picks on that drama queen

    Liquid Swords

    Skeezix agree. Our defense is picking up, especially with Tedric out. Our OLine is the problem. Take our Ifedi and put in Fant

Monitors of Decorum & Decency

Forget this fan talk about signing Eric Berry… send the Jaguars a half eaten plate of Chicken Teriyaki (not the white meat plate), as a trade for Jalen Ramsey… I know that John and Pete could get Ramsey for that, I just know it!!

    Paul Harvey

    I say we are going to go 4-0, the Rams are going to go 4-0, and the 5th week when Seattle host the Rams it will be a football game

Alex Saucedo

I want another Seattle win. . Let’s go 3 @ 0. . Beat the saints
Go hawks Seattle all the way

    jimmie dean



    @jimmie dean Without Brees could run the Saints over


Jalen’s great at man coverage, and the hawks mostly run zone, he’d still be an improvement for sure, but he’s not a zone hawk in the same way Richard Sherman or Bryon Jones is.

    Anthony Bane

    He is better than both

    Kkringg Number One

    @Anthony Bane He might be better. Part of his problem in Jacksonville is the defense playing mostly zone coverage rather than man coverage though… And the Seahawks play primarily zone defense. He’s not going to want to play for Seattle.

    Anthony Bane

    @Kkringg Number One your right partly yes he would rather play man against the top 10 wrs he wants to shadow a man up on those dudes i love that. He got a primetime deon sanders, revis island attitude.

    A Minecraft OG since 2009

    Sherman is the best corner in the game

Charles Harrison

68 years young! Go Hawks!

Mike Pancake

Any word on Poona??

Fusion Exodus

Ask yourselves do we really want another loud mouth Richard Sherman that doesn’t galvanize a team instead divides it I don’t know if you guys know this but jalen cares more about his money and stats than actually winning I’m not sure about him


    Yea, Richard Sherman totally didn’t work out for the Seahawks. He was a complete bust.

    Fusion Exodus

    Hold up fool nobody said Sherman didn’t work for us lol I’m just saying we need team players who only want to win which we have for the most part


    @Fusion Exodus Shermie only wanted to win. He was just angry that Russell was not being held accountable for his long stretches of sub-par play.

    Fusion Exodus

    TerrorWest totally understandable i just didn’t like the way he chose to make his exit maybe a lil humble pie

Fusion Exodus

We need pass protection ASAP 8 sacks in 2 games is not acceptable if we want our hall of fame quarterback healthy

    Fusion Exodus

    Anthony Bane I’ll admit we need major help in the secondary but u also gotta take into consideration these guys are still learning tre flowers was a safety we turned into a cb tedric who I don’t think has huge upside is the main weakness Bradley and Shaquille is stout I just hope they give umadi and Blair a chance so we can see what they got

    Fusion Exodus

    I just don’t want to see what happen a few years ago when Russell was hobbling around with a bad leg because there was no protection

    Spock B

    @Anthony Bane Why would Pete refuse to bench or release Ifedi? If Walter Jones would have helped out Ifedi with his blocking routine like he did with Fant two years ago, That would have been better as a bulldozing type blocker. And for 4-5 years on why Russell gets sacked, because there’s no focus, concentration, or aggresiveness. ANd better yet, do some Ivan Drago workouts, See if that would help, Otherwise, Trade!

    A Minecraft OG since 2009

    Calm down

    A Minecraft OG since 2009

    I say trade for Jalen Ramsey and a right tackle.

Spock B

Pass Protection on offense and Tight Coverages on defense is really important for us to work harder right now and the rest of the season.

Keith Sparling

We have to protect Wilson better! Too many times they just blow through our O line.


    Keith Sparling i agree

    Not Provided

    Keith Sparling it’s a good group if healthy and in the zone

    Abran Amaya

    The O-line is complicated in seattle they are good its just that they take time to start moving and going they should peform better by week 3

    A Minecraft OG since 2009

    @Abran Amaya also true

    Keith Sparling

    @Not Provided it is a good group! That’s what bothers me! How are they getting beat so often? New Orleans defense will be a good test, they have a very aggressive, tough defense. The O line will have to step up this week. I think that’s the big test this week, whether Breese plays or not. We must protect Wilson at all costs.

M Ghan Ismail

Sherman is mould and casted in seattle.only Pete Carroll see his talent out of 7th draft pick..so another Sherman.v2 is on the making just be patient…


So many starbucks coaches in here….anyway, good job Seahawks!!

The Hawk's Nest

Some great insights here, especially in regards to Pete’s thoughts on big wide receivers.

Timothy Gathings

We as Seahawks fans are hoping our defense is just getting started …Go Hawks !!! Let’s Go 12’$

Timothy Gathings

Ziggy won’t play until we falter if that happens ..then again if we’re winning we will put him in fresh to boost our playoff hopes ..I love it !!!! Go Hawks !!!!


Coach Carroll didn’t say anything about how Taco Bell is taking the Double Decker Taco off their menu? We need him to lead the revolution %#@&$!

    A Minecraft OG since 2009


Michelle Ezeugo

I hope The Seahawks can win another💚💙💚💙

Situation Critical

Any chance we could put a trash can at right tackle? I guarantee it would never get a holding or false start penalty.


Why didn’t he straighten up his sweatshirt before coming out for the interview? It is all askew. Didn’t anyone tell him.

Jared Carrick

Wow. As soon as I heard about Ramsey tapping out of Jacksonville the other day, the first thing that came to my mind was that he is now probably on the Seahawks’ radar. Wasn’t sure that he was this much on Seattle’s radar though, but I guess I should have expected it, seeing is how Seattle prefers to save their end of the draft and off the street picks for their offense, and only focus on getting game changing talent on the defensive side. Yes, Seattle’s pass protection is amongst the worst in the league. That said, Russ is good enough at improvising and making things happen with his feet to overcome a lot of the Seahawks’ offensive woes. Long term, if the Seahawks want to get back to being a legit contender in the loaded NFC, they will need to address their offensive line issues. That being said, they clearly need help in the secondary as well, and Seattle hasn’t had a corner with Ramsey’s talent since Sherman. He is one of the missing pieces Seattle is looking for. I think Seattle would be wise to seriously go after him.

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