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Head Coach Pete Carroll Week 2 Friday Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Pete Carroll talks with the media on Friday during of the regular season at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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Go hawks!

Tim Meads



Pete Carrol is the best coach

    Brian Koski

    I like Mike Leach.
    He likes to throw the ball.
    Russell Wilson would love the Air Raid offense.


Just please take into consideration the win against the Steelers two years ago, let your elite QB use his arm! This is very winnable if we make smart decisions. GoHawks

    Michael Wright

    I’m the ernestine to your skip. I always win


    @Michael Wright

    1. I’m not a season ticket holder. I’m on the list.

    2. Am I wrong about the Snyder/Schneider debacle? If you don’t know this basic info, how can you be a fan?

    3. You tried to ‘sum me up’ as well, when you said that I’ve probably never been to a game.

    4. My main argument was not the Schneider/Snyder thing so I don’t know what you’re talking about. I gave evidence provided by PFF that supports my claim. I also dismantled your argument that because Russell has a high Passer rating, this means that our passing game necessarily is good.

    5. To the contrary, u have not made any claim other than because I wasn’t at the Bengals game, I can’t possible know anything, except you supported my point when you said the receivers were open all game. This means Russell is not in rhythm and not finding open guys. He had time on some of those sacks that he took.

    Michael Wright

    @TerrorWest finally were on the same page here. But you still cant throw with 5 guys hanging off your back tho. And aye I’m not a sports writer. I’m a diehard seahawks fan. I’m not on the list but I attended the game for the love of my seahawks. I attend every game I can. I’m not rich or super high regard or anything like that. I spent my hard earned money on my love for the game. Ya have my respect now that were on the same page. I’m sorry for everything I said that offended you.

    Ryan Scarborough

    Since Seattle lost Lynch they have been nearly last in 3 and outs and plays per drive. Last year was 28% 3 and out, which was 29th in the league, while the league average was 21%. Rus does not have clock eating sustained drives when its on his shoulders. His numbers look good with low attempts and splash plays on scramble drills and play action. He is a good QB but in many ways he is very overrated. Can’t tell these sheep that though.

    Vicente jr Baldovinos

    But ifedi

leeroy estevane

A perro


I swear to God Pete Carroll’s hair has some sort of natural cocaine you can harvest out of it. California or Columbia would probably pay a premium for it. I assume one sniff of his hair would set you for 3-4 weeks.

Vai Faletogo

that 1:00 time slot tho…I ain’t gonna lie Hawks struggle in early slotted games!!
I hope they come out swinging!!

Swagg Kidd



He’s 3rd so he got stole 1st round carol said 5 so it’s easy pick since 93 yards for TD conversion on 6th down etc Nice Steal for sure

Fusion Exodus

Pete carrol remember how we beat them before you let Russell loose on them dont hold back this game and play conservative like u always want if we want to beat this team the ball has to advanced by mixing up plays not run run run and then run some more

Skoden Fineden

πŸ˜• these injured free agents Seahawks signed… sign a contract and can’t play .. suck it up, your team needs you. or give the money back πŸ€£πŸ˜‚


    Skoden Fineden

    I’ve seen a RB play with a broken collar bone, seen many players with broken hand.


I can’t hear the questions so when Pete answers about a specific player, I don’t know who he is talking about. If you want me to watch the briefing, repeat the question please.

Carlos Garcia

Blair is hyping me seattle knows how to get great safeties

    Anthony Bane

    Tedric thompson says hello

    Capo King

    Thompson looked like pure hot garbage game 1. Hopefully he cleaned that up.


    He needs more time tho
    He blew his assignments couple times in preseason

    Carlos Garcia

    Anthony Bane Thompson lost his spot to lano Hill πŸ˜‚ so lano says hi

Steven Bruce

Does pete know his dressed like the Seahawks Logo ?? πŸ˜†

Timothy Gathings

I want to hear about DK Metcalf …we don’t need him to be our saviour ..just a Seahawk…Go Hawks ….let’s go 12’$ !!!!


Hope we can bring home a win for your birthday, Pete. Go Hawks!


Ziggy Ansah and Marquise Blair possibly this week and David Moore possibly back next week? Definitely something to look forward too.

Dean Miller

Good thing they found a way to win last week because the Steelers gonna pound em into dust this week.

Vicente jr Baldovinos

Release ifedi


new season same audio issues !!

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