Head Coach Pete Carroll Postgame Press Conference vs Saints | 2019 Seattle Seahawks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Head Coach Pete Carroll Postgame Press Conference vs Saints | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Hear from Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll following Seattle's 33-27 loss to the New Orleans Saints in their third game of the 2019 regular season at CenturyLink Field.

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Will beat the cardinals. It’s cool. Put this game behind us


    Lifewith MAKENZEE don’t jinx us.

    Thomas Lund

    Watch the cardinals get their first W 😂🤘🏼


    I sure hope so. But even if we do, what does that prove? The fact is, our schedule so far has been a cakewalk, and we lost to the one good team (and that team was minus its starting quarterback). Thus far, the Seahawks look like a bad 9-7 team, or a good 7-9 team. I thought the offensive line would be one of the best in the NFL this year but it’s actually trash, Carson is a fucking butterfingers who so far is doing more harm than good. Ziggy Ansah has played like 19 snaps the whole season.

    Korie Creson

    @Fumi S well we just have to stop beating ourselves when playing good teams, unfortunately it’s become commonplace

Rico Alexander

Kamara is an amazing player. Almost single-handedly beat us. Let’s get the next one.


    No, we single-handedly beat ourselves. New Orleans returned a punt and a fumble for two quick, easy touchdowns. That’s spotting the other team fourteen points, and it’s almost impossible to overcome; Miami probably beats New England with that handicap.


    Rico Alexander we beat ourselves.

    Rico Alexander

    @profd65 true, but if we manage to tackle Kamara then we win that game in the 4th.


    Rico Alexander yeah but no one can tackle Kamara. I’ve been saying this for a year. Kamara is the best RB in the NFL.

Brian Koski

Slacker coach Pete should be under ‘concussion protocol’ after that punch to the face!


    How old are you lmao you sound 9


    @Brian Koski

    Yea, play every possession like it’s a two minute warning–that’s brilliant. You do know that teams that are way fucking ahead often play loose on defense and give up easy yards in order to not give up the big play?

    edgar rivera

    Punch? Dude did you even se what happened? Lol he got hit with a ball b4 the game there was no punch lol

    Adam Maliski

    @Brian Koski you know nothing about football

Brian Koski

This defense AND the special teams of the Hawks reminds me of that total upset last night with the Cougars! Totally the same!

Glow 44

NFL players are going to going at Carson until he proves he can hold onto the ball. But right now players are thinking blood is in the water and they are going to keep coming. He must fix this for good.

    Joe Schmo

    He needs to work with Tiki Barber, or at least work with the man that helped Barber.


    Maybe Carson needs to go down easier, and quit trying to punish defenders and fight for the extra millimeter every time. I know Pete likes bruising running backs, but he also likes not committing turnovers. In any case, we can’t have that fucking guy coughing the ball up every game; we’re spotting the other teams points.


The fact is, every Seahawks fan knows how uncomfortably “normal” this kind of game is. They barely won the last two games for the exact same reason.

    Joe Schmo

    O-line and defense.

    Joe Schmo

    Also, Carson needs to figure it out, ugh.

    Seahawksforlife WhydoIhavetoputalastnameonthis

    Yeah penalties, conservative playcalling and fumbles. Bengals and Steelers are bad teams which is how we got away with it against them. Need to be better

    Aisian ThreeQUISIANS

    gonna be a long season


    @Aisian ThreeQUISIANS They normally right the ship, but they notoriously take their sweet time about it.

Korie Creson

Pete you guys gotta tighten up on the zone defense, by the way this looked like the game against San Fran last year. Bad, bad, bad.


Why do we have to fix those after the fact? every week? why can’t you show up on down 1 and execute instead of looking hideous ev3ry freaking game

    Liquid Swords

    kjkgood amen. We always start slow, filled with awful play calling, penalties and turnovers. Then expect Russ to save the day in the 4th.

    Masry Asry

    Because the coaching staff is horrible!! He’s a good recruiter and cheerleader, not a tactician.

    Aisian ThreeQUISIANS

    honestly we just show up on sunday we don’t gsmeplan. Just kidding but that’s honesty what it feels like at times


I hate when Seahawks lose games that they should have won! Ruins my whole week.


    Miguel Lucero I just woke up and I’m still bothered by this L. This one really hurts idk why

    Miguel Lucero

    @oHypah me too god this sucks 😂😂

    Jimmy T Smith

    Yes they should’ve won….Lmao….

    A Minecraft OG since 2009

    you idiots make things worse. Stop arguing over stupid crap.

    A Minecraft OG since 2009

    one person talks crap about the seahawks and you all cry like babies like it actually did something. it’s a comment lmao, get tf over it.


Hope Coach didn’t have a concussion from them strange play calling? GoHawks!!!

Lane Simons

Hey Chris…How about you stop slipping and hold on to the ball! Thanks. See you all next week in AZ! Go Hawks!

Joe Pesci

Passive, predictable, play it safe play calling early in the game, zero pass rush pressure on defense, sloppy tackling on defense and special teams, carsons multiple screw ups, bad clock management, more stupid penalties, the list goes on and on.

Coaching staff needs to clean things up as much as the players do.

Tony Romo was predicting every stupid play on offense, if that gives you an idea about how predictable and simpleminded the schemes on offense are.

Stop being passive about this teams issues and fix them!!! Light some fires under some asses!!!

    Redpill christopher

    You are right on how the team played but tony romo predicts plays for almost every team when he in the booth it is becoming his calling card he needs to coach.

    Liquid Swords

    Redpill christopher not just Romo. It’s every team we play. Duane Brown said post game Saints were stacking the line. They all know Seahawks are stubborn and won’t adjust. We will always start slow and be predictable. Then except Russ to pick it up and save the day in the 4th. That’s not sustainable and our team is falling behind in NFL.

    Redpill christopher

    @Liquid Swords Romo is known to predict plays before they happened he does it every game he is commentary on no matter who is playing,it is why he’s been a rising star in the broadcast booth he is eventually going to get paid alot of money when his cbs contract is up and the bidding war will happen experts say he will get well over 10 million a year and be one of the highest paid.

    Liquid Swords

    Redpill christopher lol I know. The point is Seahawks are stubborn and predictable.

Ryan Hudson

Hey dude if the run isnt working, SWITCH IT UP!!!!!

    Aneudy Hernandez

    Our offense would be unstoppable if we feature the passing game first then a few run pass options, then we would have the defense on edge and our run game would be expectacular. Just look at how the Browns played the Rams on monday night football.

Al Kip

Playing like a bunch of drunkards!!! You should do better. How do you play like that? Seriously????

Blue Horse Studios

How about we let Russel call his own offensive plays.
The play calling is SO Predictable Pete. I dont know anything about football, Im just a fan watching the game 180 miles away and I know what plays your gonna call.
Blitz more, lots more!!

Blue Horse Studios

Century Link is no longer a scary place to play for opponents.


    It’s a scary place for the fans.

    Skoden Fineden

    I hope not 😡, butt you could be right.

Gundam1313 Yjshuao

Seahawks are a good young team. Much respect for russell and coach

Go Saints go

Nya Pope

One more thing why is it since Ken Norton took over the defense we can’t recognize a screen ?

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