Head Coach Pete Carroll Postgame Press Conference at Cardinals | 2019 Seattle Seahawks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Head Coach Pete Carroll Postgame Press Conference at Cardinals | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Hear from head coach following Seattle's 27-10 over the in their fourth game of the 2019 regular season at State Farm Stadium.

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Please come out next week with the same game plan. See what happens when you give the highest paid QB the ball. Being a balance offense is how you win games, you can’t be one dimensional and give the opponent an easy scheme to stop us.

    Charles Rushing

    FACTS BRO IF WE CAN CALL PLAYS LIKE WE DID TODAY WE CAN REALLY BE DANGEROUS.i really hope pete is taking this all into consideration deeply about running heavy!!! and realize who he has as his QB!!

BenYamin Ben-David

Great game against a division rival, got an even bigger game Thursday Night against the Rams
Let’s go take care of things at home and make a true statement win over the Rams and hopefully secure 1st place in the NFC West!
Go Hawks!

Tim Bartsch

Another great win for us
Let’s keep it up

Kyle Wardlow

1:48 jumpscare

    Payton Thornberry

    More like ear rape

John Alexander Arango Valencia

Spectacular Víctory, go Hawks from Colombia 🇨🇴💙💚

Karen Setzer

Go Hawks. Russell Wilson will always bring his A game and create offensive opportunities. Defense was swarming fast today. Carson ran hard . All around great team effort and win

    Seahawks and Sonics fan

    Just think when we get Penny and Reed back, also Thorpe will be a force in special teams and will give us depth at db


I’m so hyped for TNF! I’m also hyped for the hawks coming down to LA for SNF! #gohawks

Brian Koski

Awesome game #32.
Chris Carson is a badass!

Brian Koski

That was soo exciting to watch Clowney tip the ball again…
But this time it’s way more exciting to watch Clowney grab the ball and run for his 1st touchdown!

Seahawksforlife WhydoIhavetoputalastnameonthis

Great win!!! Huge game Thursday. Happy the playcalling was better today!

Sara Griselda

Go Hawks from Florida love my 12th Seahawks for life!!!

Spock B

Good win, But We gotta work much harder, on both sides including Special teams, because we got the Rams on Thursday at home. Gotta sack Goff, Gotta stop Gurley’s running attack, and cover Kupp’s ability. Gotta play strong and remember the quote from Vince Lombardi! Dont get jittered, Fill your desire and you’ll be on fire!

Nicholas Estle

The Seahawks are back they looking good again let’s keep it going

whatsyurprob ?

There’s one common denominator to each win this season. The O has FINISHED all of them, and that’s the mark of a good/great team.

However, and let ‘s not get too cockeyed cuz there’s a lot of work to be done. The Safety spot killed is today which is why David Johnson ran all over us. The middle of the field was WIDE OPEN — I could’ve ran for 100 today. The tackling was still atrocious as well. What in the hell happened to that art form? The quick pass was working it’s magic in the 1st qtr. I think we’re going to see a lot more of it from hear on out — or, at.least until they prove they can stop it.

Rw3, has one again thrown his hat into the ring for MVP again, and by the looks of it, he’s Top 3. Had he singlehandidly won it last week like he almost did, he’d be #1.

Thursday Night, we can beat the goats. We all know by now that Russ shines is always at his best under the lights.



Can we give credit to the o line for limited sacks last couple games? All around good team win today! Rams are next to dethrone.

Deplorable Dee

And the Rams lost!! GO HAWKS!!

Jacob Miles

Man I don’t wanna play the Rams when it’s a short week, and they are coming off a loss. Which means they angry and they wanna win. But it’s Thursday Night Football, we’ll see what happens

Mihai Grigoras

I know there are no easy games in the NFL but this was one of those 😉 Anyways, great game. Best of luck for Thursday. GoHawks!

Correy Thomas

Great game! No turnovers today. Running game great. Tight ends are uncoverable!
Next is the Rams, I call for 2 minute offense right from the get go, get that rans defense of their heels, deep ball will be there for our receivers.
On defense Rams run a lot of crossing routes gotta get to Goff. Cant let him get comfortable. Playing in Seattle cant let another team come in and win. No turnovers again. We can hang in.
Go Hawks!

Skoden Fineden

A game we suppose ta win, nice job, a game our Seahawks did’nt blow. now let’s build on this an not look back.


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