Head Coach Jason Garrett Postgame Locker Room Speech Week 3 Victory | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jason Guerra

Let’s go!!!!

Nicolas Garcia

If this team really puts together a complete game no one can stop them no one..

    Raymond Solis Jr.

    Still worried about that defense against the run

    Nicolas Garcia

    @Raymond Solis Jr. it’s fine they will improve..


    @Raymond Solis Jr. I think the depth at d tackle is our bitterest biggest problem



Cash Dreamz

Ayyyee 3rd to comment go boys


Wouldn’t be a post game speech without Tyron Smith standing sentinel behind Garrett haha.

    Christian Bibriesca

    Exactly what I was thinking 😂

    eric Black

    I am starting to think he is security


    The o line man

    Robert B

    That dude is huge man not fat at all


the Boys are Back in Town! 🤘🏻

    James Tatum

    Haven’t heard thAt song in awhile

Luis Escobedo

I love the comradery of this team!


    Luis Escobedo yes I feel like we all apart of it too

Dino Anthony


Greg Norton

I bet the dislike is an Eagles fan.

    Kenneth Lauer

    I had the pleasure of watching the Eagles lose in a Philly bar. Made up for them not having the Dallas game.


    Kenneth Lauer oh my goodness that must have been entertaining. Cry eagles cry!!!

    Timothy Contreras JR

    Lol exactly what I was thinking

Reginald Johnson

Zac’s gyno outta hand


I still want to see a better performance. Like let’s be even more dominating.

eric Black

His mindset is to protect the quarterback

joseph hill

T smith looks scary as hell

Xtazy Taz

Joe looney is so funny😂


I want that throwback cap starter cap I think


i dont get the jokes about “the cowboys beat 3 bad teams” lol guess what, we are 3 0 while the eagles and giants are 1 2 and the redskins 0 2


    The cowboys could hardly score when the lost to the redskins last year.

    They score 31 at washington this year and its just a bad team.

    Cowboys just have to play their schedule and pile up the victories.


    Yet nobody is saying nothing about the Patriots who beat 3 0-3 teams…

Mayren Jr.

I do not want to hear cowboys on 3.

What I want to hear is….

1 2 3 RING!!!

Jason should start changing their mindset, we play football for one reason only, to get that ring and trophy, period.

Let me hear ya’ll, ring on 3…

1 2 3 RING!!!!💯🚫🧢


    That speech is coming in Feb

Gordon White

Jason Garrett just don’t get Head of our self just yet we have a good team come up next Sunday nite

Codey Hodges

Sure wish they had Jimmy

Toni W

“How bout Dem Cowboys” Jimmy Johnson voice, bring n bac da 90s, JasonGarrett was around then to

damond way

Is it just me or has Garrett become an afterthought I feel like he’s a dead man walking like he’s gone after the season no matter what the outcome of the season is Jerry is going to promote Kellen Moore

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