HC Ron Rivera speaks to the media after practice – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
jak kal

rivera=goat…10:15 that was funny i love when ron gives one word answers lol

    Franklin Talasek jr

    He’s confused he can’t be old school like old giants coach parcels would just say you don’t don’t do your job your gone gone gone.

    jak kal

    @Franklin Talasek jr you’re too hard on him look around the league they keep hiring the same coaches over and over again…trust me it wont get better….as al said in the devils advocate “there’s nothing out there for you”

Clarence Fields Jr

Why is she asking him bout jim irsay

    Comando liberty

    Bc we want the answers! Lol

    Clarence Fields Jr

    @Comando liberty lol

    Lizard Luminals

    Because hopefully Danny boy is on his way out the door forever

    Transistor Zen

    Sure people want the answers but they have to know he isn’t going to answer a question like that about his boss.

Edward Jordan III

The way she led in is the reason why Rivera cursed these folks out last week. DC media loves keeping drama going.
You know what this man will answer yet the very first question she asks is about another owner’s opinion on his boss.



    If you’re a journalist or reporter, it would be negligent not to ask about the biggest story surrounding the organization even if you already know what the answer will be. Come on man…

    Great bird of hope

    All media keep drama going its what they do lol

ImJanky Baby

Lol cosmi would be a nasty guard


Has Rivera packed his suitcase yet?


    Dude has his flaws and has as many hits as he does misses to this point, but he’s also the most respectable public figure in the entire organization. No respectable coach is going to come here with all this Dan Snyder stuff going on. You’d be relegated to college coaches (which rarely work out well) or some low-level assistant/coordinator… meaning Jim Zorn 2.0. He at least gets one more year after this season.

    Franklin Talasek jr

    Who you going to get that’s the old Daniel Snyder so smart that led us to this football teams crash Ron’s not my favorite coach will his players play for him is my concern after Whitehouse conversation

TaeHue Truong

Poor audio


Watch this Sunday

Nelbert Joe

Time to set sail,,,,,,⛵………⛱️

Robert Parsley

after this weeks game, your record will be 2 and 5.Fuller can,t cover anybody and the defence are poor tacklers.Heineche is a great improvement but sadly for him,the line are poor blockers.i guess a loss is a given as well as Revera folding his arms the whole game,saying nothing to his players.

    Franklin Talasek jr

    Quick fix don’t hire washed up qbs that arte totally out of gas

Ben T

Jim Irsay is a hero! Liberate the Commanders/ Redskins from a toxic owner who drove the Franchise into the ground!
We the Fans have suffered for more than 2 decades.

    Lizard Luminals

    Preach brother! Snyder time is up

    Lizard Luminals

    @Great bird of hope we can debate that family’s morals at a different time it’s a separate issue. Dan has done nothing but screw up this team, for him to potentially lose his job I will take as a great accomplishment for us

Jordan Lawson Sr.

Where tf is chase young? what happened that he’s been out for so long. Hes a memory at this point

    Great bird of hope

    @Jordan Lawson Sr. you could heal up from the same injury faster than chase young?

    Jordan Lawson Sr.

    @Great bird of hope i didn’t even know how he got injured, thats literally what i said


    @Jordan Lawson Sr. bro literally injured himself, no one made contact with him which baffles me why he’s not playing prolly getting that free check

    Hugh Gard

    History is not on our side w players returning from surgery ..


    @𝓐𝓷𝓽𝓱𝓸𝓷𝔂 have you never seen an acl tear before? Most of them are non contact and he also had other damage to his knee so he needed a longer recovery

Trey Anastasio

Fire Ronald McDonald he’s a clown. 🤡

Keith Payne

Lets go! Keep it rolling. Hail!

Oscar Deal

No shot to Carson but the way Taylor was thrown in it was no reason to spend money on Carson and let the depth of the team go smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ that’s in you Ron …. karma is umm now you still gotta play my man and watch him work

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