Harrison Butker: “Going into this game, I felt good with the technique.” | Press Conference 10/19 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
brynlee madison



Great to have him back hope he feels good to play next week


Harrison hook me up with tickets😊



Nolan Smith

I would like chiefs tickets lol can’t believe I’m this early

Matthew Plymale

Chiefs kingdom were blessed to have Butker and Townsend punting , 2 of the best in the league at thier positions

    Andrew Boyce

    Butker needs to make his 50 yard kicks. Nice to have the 60s.

Taylor Avelar

Butker, the beard is working for ya forsureeee

Quinton lovett

He’s too smooth and too cool!! 😎

Jake R

Sexiest kicker in the League

Rissaroo's Daddy

That kick would have cleared 68 yards with room to spare!

Gold Gamer

Most underrated kicker ever


Harrison Butker, 😃 “So happy you’re back”
🤚and it’s good🤚

Ani Name

Finally, stability at kicker.

Just.G. Dispatcher

Impressive interview, glad he is back and he’s a Chief!

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