Harmon and Bolden react to 31-3 win over the Detroit Lions | Press Pass – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Juan Magdaleno

First ???


Looking good

Kirk Moore

Spectacular video work with EVERY detail shown in intricate
detail. The Patriots cameramen
has no peers! So, who’s the cameraman?

Charly Gr. v.L.

Let’s go, Pats – do your JOB (again) – GOOD LUCK! !

Aaron Negron

I know preseason don’t mean jack $hį+ but still good to see the boyz get a dub. GO PATS!!!!!!

Michael Murphy

Pats players are the best (except Aaron Hernandez)

Adam Tran-chung

That one dislike is probably a lions fan

Taylor Brown

As soft as this sounds i think joint practices make the games nicer between players. Obviously there is competition VS one another, but less getting in faces. That being said I want to see a very physical team this year, again. Go Pats!!

    Shawn McIntyre

    Taylor Brown well, there were some physical incidents during practice with guys jawing and pushing. I’m sure the competition’s high.

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