‘Hard work’ results in Malik Reed’s first sack in the NFL | Denver Broncos – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Aiden Campbell

Keep it up man

Flippant Booch

Thanks to god

CA Sports


Brute Better

Good vibes!

Mr. E

I see you Reed!! Bra🤔🤔

Uso Penitentiary

He was getting constant pressure. We may have found another undrafted gem but let’s see how he does the next 4 weeks. Was impressed with Demarcus Walker too

Wayne Reynolds

Nice humble guy with good attitude

Klaus Klaus

They said make the von miller dip😎

Travis C. Johnson

A young Neil Smith

Jarel Ross

This guy is going to be one of the best football players for the Denver Broncos.

Dammien Woolsey

Everyone’s talking about we don’t have enough room for Demarcus walker but we usually keep 6 DL – Wolf, Harris, Gotsis, Kerr, Walker, Jones

Vickie Merriweather

Yesssss go get it..honor God first…..He is with you Malik

Jerome Schulze

He going to be a beast..he prob take over walker spot..was constitantly getting in the back field

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