Hard Knocks: The After Show | Episode 3, presented by Porsche – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Anthony B. Reply

I am having difficulty deciding who is hotter? Sarina or Mina?

    Steve Reply

    Mina hands down. She actually knows football.

    my love songs Reply

    @Steve yup! She has done Rams preseason games. 👍

    Anthony B. Reply

    @Steve you convinced me. Mina is incredible.

Walter Prattjr Reply

They should put killing on the practice squad,he can do kick returns,punt returns, receive, and special teams, and running back,any injuries should be replaced by the practice squad, anything can happen in the NFL,look at Kurt Warner and that was one of the greatest moments in nfl

lil ballerboy Reply

I was the Steelers fan in chat

Steve Reply

Serena is all alone with her whack remix … 😂

my love songs Reply

Is there ANY youtube channel that has Hard Knocks episodes? I saw the first episode as it was posted to youtube, but i cannot find the second or third episode.

    Jordan Bautista Reply

    Cause you got to pay to watch them

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